What if the guy lied to me?

We all sometimes lie, explaining this by the fact that a lie can be for good and close people just do not need to know about some facts. But if we ourselves convict someone of lies, then it becomes painful and unpleasant. Especially if this "someone" turns out to be a loved one. What to do if a guy lied to you and is this an indication that he is not a good person? In fact, in many cases, we ourselves provoke lies in people, and we do not notice this. Although, there are times when a person just does not know how not to lie. We'll look at all the options.

Where have you been?

Very often, when asked why a young man stopped working, did not pick up the phone, and so on, he starts talking about traffic jams, that he did not hear the phone or that the ungodly boss is an unauthorized boss who forces to process the rate. And in the end it turns out that the guy just met with friends. If you convict your young man precisely in such lies, perhaps the reason for this behavior is nothing else than your own reaction. If you are constantly indignant, say that he should not drink with friends after the robot and immediately idikt you, then in his lies there is nothing strange. Think for yourself, because when you believe that he really stayed at work, you meet scandals and do not notice that he drank some beer. Most likely, initially a man admitted to you honestly in where and with whom time was spent, but your reaction was negative. So he decided to act so that everyone was well. If your situation is this, try to learn to understand it. If you see that he comes home sober, if you know that the guy is just taking time with friends, you do not need to scold him for it. Understand, in addition to the beloved women, he must have something else in his life. And even if you do not like his friends, remember that he loves them and needs them. Therefore, stop negatively reacting to his meetings with dear people, and he will not lie to you for a long time, because he simply will not have anything to do with it.

Lying lack of criticism

Your man never claims to you, praises your cooking, calls it a real hostess, and then you learn from the tenths of a mouth that your potatoes are salted, in a messhouse and you can not even sew a button. Naturally, you get hurt and hurt, because you do not understand why a loved one is telling this to someone, not you. In this case, remember how you react to criticism. Just answer honestly. Many women can not recognize the fact that they simply do not know how to take criticism from a loved one. But if he behaves this way, then, quickly, once he tried to tell you his opinion and came across grievances, a hysterical scandal. As a result, the young man simply decided not to provoke you to say that everything is fine. Because of your rejection of criticism, a man has to share his experiences with someone else. Therefore, if you were in such a situation, instead of having a fight and making scandals, think about what he is talking about. Perhaps you really need to learn how to cook better, clean up more often, and so on. Just do not immediately attack the guy with screams: "You do not love me." He just loves you, because if he did not love, he would never not tolerant, that he does not like, even more so, silently.

I'm Superman

There are times when girls constantly see what a young man grafts in almost all of their stories. What would he nirazskazyval, it turns out that the guy is the most intelligent, cunning, strong, agile. This list can be continued indefinitely. In this case, you can only say one thing - a man has complexes. Most likely, in his childhood he was disrespected, offended, pointed out that he was worse than others. The boy grew up, but everything remained in his soul and was imprinted in the subcortex. It seems to the person that the person he is in fact is, uninteresting, weak, stupid, unable to draw attention to himself. Here he lies all the time, so God forbid not to fall in the eyes of others. In any case, you do not need to focus on this. If the guy is not too scared, and people do not look at him, holding back laughter, pretend that you believe him. Understand, it is necessary for a person, since such a formative man overcomes his complexes and feels confident. Do not criticize him in front of others and do not mock him. Such a person perceives such behavior is very painful. Perhaps he at heart understands himself that you can not believe in all this and is even grateful for the support. If you publicly declassify it - it will be a serious blow to his self-esteem and feelings for you. In the case when the young man really turns, gently talk to him. Say that you know what it is on the inside. This is known to other people close to him. And you all love him just like that. And all these stories simply go against the fact that you see. Therefore, he does not need to invent anything, because he is already a respected person in his circle. Of course, such conversations need to be conducted only in private, the other will try to justify itself or simply arrange a scandal. Remember that before you a very vulnerable person, who simply did not have in his time of support and protection.


There is also the worst option - a man vratno always. He lies and in small things, and in serious things. And, if you convict him of lies, he always makes excuses. His excuses frankly ridiculous are inelegant, but the guy still stands on his own, and then also offended that you do not believe. With such behavior alone it is impossible to fight. The thing is that no matter how sad it is to admit, the guy has serious serious problems with the psyche. He simply can not help lying. Moreover, he lives in his world, in which everything said is true. To prove to him something simply does not make sense. Therefore, you should seriously think about whether you will be able to live with such a person at all or be better off when you are not yet. Pathological liars often come across thefts and other negative actions. They simply convince themselves that it was not. In fact, this behavior is very similar to the growth of personality. Therefore, if you still love such a person and want to be with him, then be sure to convince him to appear, at least, to a psychologist, and go through a course of treatment. If this is not done, the situation will only worsen.