What is the dream of tomatoes? Interpretation of popular dream books

It is almost impossible to find someone who does not like tomatoes. Fresh or canned, salted - they are an integral ingredient of any feast. Not surprisingly, we can often see them in a dream. What these dreams signify, what the tomatoes dream about, we will consider further.

What does the tomato in the garden or on the table look like?

Why dream of collecting tomatoes in the garden? Everything depends on their color: ripe red - to cash reward, yellow - to universal recognition, and pink promise an unexpected turn in destiny. If you dream green tomatoes on the bushes, you will visit fresh creative ideas. To harvest in a dream is a new unobtrusive acquaintance. If tomatoes are ripped off and lie on the ground, wait for a chance to resume former relationships.

When you dream of tomatoes lying in the kitchen on the table, unexpected guests will come to you. The process of creating a salad from a tomato - to a surprise. Finely chopped tomatoes to see in a dream - a threat to get an insult.

Why dream of stealing tomatoes? When you are a thief in a dream, it means that you want to stay alone for a while. And when you see how someone else is stealing, wealth is waiting for you.

Tomatoes in cans: the meaning of sleep

If you salt tomatoes in a dream, your work does not suit you. To see one big salted tomato - to the chance to find a way to make money more comfortable. To see a dish on a festive table is a signal of love joys. There are the redest salted tomatoes - a sign of internal fluctuations, to treat them to someone - you are waited with a new feeling.

If canned tomatoes are made in a can, expect a promising acquaintance. In this case, an open bank means that it will take place soon, and closed - that you need to wait. Canned tomatoes, falling on the floor, signal that you want the impossible in reality. If you take them off the table in a dream, in life everything that is conceived is realized. If you dream that you are treating tomatoes from relatives' banks - you will find agreement with the management. Buying such a product promises a fun party.

If you dream a tomato crushed in your hand, you will get a profitable deal. Put on the table a plate with these vegetables - to the gift, and to clean it in the refrigerator - to a pleasant surprise from the secret admirer.

As you can see, the interpretation of sleep depends on many small things. Therefore, if you need to know what dreams of tomatoes, it is important to remember all the details of sleep.

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