Women's Tricks Against Men

Men are much worse than women who understand hints and solve intrigues. That's why many women's tricks against men work so effectively. In this case, men are better than women, they are able to solve manipulations and often confront them.

Where is the face that distinguishes the cute female cunning from unpleasant manipulation? Let's try to understand.

Female tricks take into account the psychology of men

Manipulation by a woman against a man usually aims to get something that a man does not give or want to do or wants. As a result of manipulation, a man can perform something that he is not tuned to, but in most cases he realizes that he is being manipulated, irritated and becomes conflictual or locked in himself.

Female cunning is usually more subtle, elegant and pleasant to a man. That's why he might not notice her at all. Suppose you want him to buy you five kilograms of potatoes. You can manipulate it, saying that until he goes to the store, dinner will not get. And you can show a woman's cunning: ask him to buy what he wants - a new disc with a movie or a bottle of beer, and along the way let him grab five kilograms of potatoes. In such a request, there is less manipulation, and more attention to himself.

Female tricks work out better if they give him a dose of attention

Attention to a man is such a universal wand-rescue wand that allows you to revitalize relations with him in a period of calm, and improve them during periods of quarrels and conflicts. In matters of attention, women have a tremendous superiority over men. The fact is that women are able to subtly catch emotions, intonations and experiences of a person. They do this at the expense of increased sensitivity to the emotional coloring of speech and behavior, and this quality is inherent in them, it does not even require effort.

If you want to achieve something from a man, pay attention to what he currently cares about most. Experienced woman will always distinguish anxiety about the health of a relative from irritation about the situation at work. Do not leave his experiences undetected, offer to speak out and pour out your emotions outside. Only after the man calms down, it makes sense to pester him with his problems and requests, otherwise you can run into unpleasant clarification of the relationship.

Situations where female tricks are misplaced

Not always hints and cunnings are effective against men. Hints they often do not understand, so if you want him to do something, you need to ask directly, on the forehead. Even if it concerns such delicate issues as flowers as a gift or a special way of caresses during sexual intimacy.

So that you do not get the impression that this contradicts the statements above, it is worth noting that time and place are not always suitable for women's cunnings regarding men. Prepare a man for an important conversation or a request you can with the help of women's tricks, but the very request is better to speak directly. So he will soon understand what you need, and if he is also relaxed, he will rather agree to help you.

The tricks of temptation

Most men are still quite conservative, and do not like it when a woman is too obviously taking the initiative. That is why the sphere of temptation is the sphere in which the use of female tricks is justified most of all.

If you want to seduce him, the most direct hint is the eye in the eye. Look how long he stands it, looks into your eyes or avoids it. Both men and women can not hide their sympathy or antipathy on a non-verbal level. The longer and more often he looks you in the eye, the higher the chance that he will be tempted.

Another way to show a man your readiness for a relationship is special gestures and movements. If a woman shakes a shoe on her leg, it looks very erotic, and many men, without knowing it, take it for a call to action. No less seductive is the movement of hands when a woman winds them by the head. Demonstrating her breasts, she lets him know that he is not against sex, and many free men are ready to take it. Other gestures of temptation touch the neck. If a woman's neck is covered with hair, then exposing her to the movement of her hand, she also involuntarily tempts the man who has attracted her. All these gestures should not be fanciful, played, and should not be repeated too often. If you want to seduce a man so that he thinks that he is seducing you, try to be natural and to behave yourself at ease.

Muse's tricks: how to raise a general from a soldier

Scientists have found that a man achieves more if he believes in himself. A man must feel himself the most-most: the smartest, most intelligent and most fortunate. The most interesting thing is that if a faithful wife is present with the middle peasant, who constantly supports him, he can achieve more than a talented man living with a grumpy wife.

Smart women perfectly understand that the rich and famous men at all will not suffice. In addition, there are so many charming beauties around them that it's almost impossible to compete with them for the attention of already held men. That's why they prefer to become a muse to a beginning genius.

The silent adoration of his wife is not enough at all. A man should hear words of admiration from time to time. Better yet, if they are spoken in someone's presence. Especially men are inspired by comparing them with other men, in which everyone around him loses. The woman's trick here is that she can not always tell the truth. Women are wonderful actresses, so they can include the intonation of adoration at any time and for any reason. The main thing here is not to overdo it and not try to say compliments to those qualities of a man who are objectively weak in him, otherwise he will suspect you of insincerity.

In general, we can say that women, using some tricks in dealing with men, are able to create their world in such a dream. And if there are no princes around you on a beautiful horse, you can marry and for the page on the ponies. The main thing - his belief in a man and the ability to include women's wisdom, which will help pony the pony in a stallion, and make the page a prince. For an intelligent woman - nothing is impossible!