Zodiac signs and work

Whether a joke: fifteen percent of employers refuse in employment because of ... an inappropriate sign of the Zodiac! This is worth paying attention to. And special attention should be paid to employers who will be much easier to manage the team if they know what to expect from, for example, Gemini or Libra, and why not wait for them.

So, an astrological guide for executives. By the way, representatives of the sign of Leo, Taurus or Aquarius are usually beaten into the heads, and if your leader is of another sign, then you have an extremely unordinary representative.

When hiring Pisces, remember that this sign will be an excellent employee only if he really likes his work. In this case, he is able to show miracles of professionalism and efficiency even for very low wages. Pisces is useless to adjust or command them in principle - they will not obey, therefore they do not stay long at the place of work where their bosses are authoritarians.

If Aries came to you for an interview, then be prepared for great achievements, rapid advancement on the career ladder and quick occupation of the leadership position. Aries will never clearly show to others his interest in career growth, but the fact that he is interested in this, be sure!

If you hire Taurus, then be sure - the order and strict system of new rules are provided to you. Taurus can not tolerate anything spontaneous or sudden - it is extremely important for them that everything be as predictable and stable as possible. In addition, the Taurus are not indifferent to praise - such an employee must be praised and set as an example, and he will turn the mountains for you, however, then he will certainly put them back in place and gently sweep away the debris and sand.

Twins are smart people, active workers and very pleasant colleagues. They are loved in the team, they are willingly shared with the latest gossip. Do not burden the representatives of this sign with routine and monotonous work: better let them drive through cities and villages, gather information or, conversely, distribute it. Even Gemini easily solve problems: they will find a way out of the most difficult situation for you. Just do not forget to reward them for it - they know the value of all their talents very well.

Cancer does not like to strain: show him how one single thing is done, and he will gladly do it within the next hundred years, without changing anything. But do not think that Cancers are inert or uncreative people: while his hands are busy with a painstaking and tiresome occupation, his head invents something very useful to mankind or to himself.

Leo just adores to answer something! Give him a foothold and dozens of subordinates, and he will turn the Earth over. Lions must necessarily occupy leading or, at least, leading positions - under conditions of subordination they begin to wither. But, it must be said, the leaders from them turn out to be excellent - wise, attentive and democratic.

Dev-subordinates are very fond of superiors - representatives of this sign refer to their own leadership with reverence, never go beyond the limits of subordination and execute orders with accuracy. Virgo are hard workers, they go to work for work, maybe that's why they always choose their profession for themselves and they never focus on the size of their salary.

Representatives of the Libra sign are very fond of colleagues - they are nice and sociable people, always attentive to employees and polite with their superiors. If you are going to assign them some work, then you can rest assured that it will be done with brilliance. Scales, however, do not really like to start something, they are more continuers, but even in this case they all do their best.

You'll never know what is really on Scorpio's mind: he always keeps his own emotions in a reasonable sense. This sign will never make any claims to the authorities about the size of the salary or the amount of work entrusted to it: it will tolerate how much power is enough, and then simply go away.

That's really who really aspires to power, so this is Sagittarius - he will never occupy an average position in your team - him or anything or nothing. In addition, Sagittarius people are usually not very hard-working, so to speak, with laziness, and therefore they should like the work as much as possible or be paid very well - then they will be willing to do it with interest.

From the place - into the quarry - it is said not about Capricorns. They need preliminary training, long planning and build-up, and only then they will do their job brilliantly. This is a very hard-working sign, it can be laid out for the sake of a common goal. The performance of Capricorns is simply amazing. Capricorn leaders never allow themselves to raise their voices on subordinates, they are always very polite and extremely patient and tactful.

Aquarius - unpredictable workers: they are so precise and executive that the soul rejoices, perform the work perfectly, adding their own strokes, which makes the result even better, then extremely inattentive, careless and it is not clear what they think. Of course, the second option is rare, but it also needs to be ready. The team always treats the Aquarians very warmly, the boss usually likes them.