Does a child need a mobile phone?

Most recently, a mobile phone could only afford to businessmen who were constantly on the road, but had to keep in touch with their subordinates. And now this means of communication is not a luxury, but on the contrary - a necessity.

Now the cell phone is more than a TV set or a morning cafe. In the morning we wake up not from the usual alarm clock, but set the alarm on the phone, because we know that it will not let you down. The whole day he can remind us of business and associate us with other people. And the closest and dearest to the people of the mind are our children, small or large.

That's why cares and dads, when they help to pack all the necessary textbooks in a backpack, certainly put the phone side by side with notebooks, pencil case, water and apple. A waxed high school student will go to school without a mobile phone, then his zhesochtut second-rate and peers will start to mock him. Grandmothers and grandfathers talk that the kids will soon be playing in the sandbox with a bucket and a telephone. The parents say that such an expensive thing is bought to the child only for safety. In order for the parents to be calm and know that everything is in order with their child. Surely you will agree that the easiest way to find out where the child is is by calling his cell phone. In addition, the baby can always call the parents if he has any question.

Initially, this technique was not designed for small children. And now the European study has shown that on average the child receives his first phone in eight years. Manufacturers quickly wrapped themselves in this. Now the child still does not know how to write and read, but it is excellent in typing on the keyboard and reading the name in the phone. For example, Siemens manufactures phones that are designed for children from three years old. Baby phones are not like the adults. They differ in design-large and bright buttons, besides they are equipped with the function "babycall." When the child presses any button, he automatically calls his parents, the number of which will be in the phone's memory.There are also those phones that have only 3 buttons: "Call dad "," Call my mother "and" Call my grandmother. "

Everyone knows that expensive things attract not only robbers, but also school bullies. To protect the child from this a little, it is worth to carry the phone in a backpack, do not carry it in your hands or on a prominent place. In addition, for the games the child can simply leave the phone on the desk or the clerk.

In addition, parents buy a phone as a means of communication, and children very often use it as a toy. It's not even that the children are bored with the lesson and therefore play on the phone. Basically ¾ of those people who download mobile content are teenagers and small children.

On voleytefon they download all kinds of screensavers and pictures for the display, anecdotes irrington, they do not even try to find out how much it costs. You give the money to a child - parents, and then you grab your head when you find out how much your child spent money on the phone.

Earlier it was possible to protect porn sites from using a "filtration" system. It had to be installed on computers and unwanted pictures were simply unloaded, but now this problem has returned, because children go in from the phone, it's easier and more convenient.



Of course, the child is always on the phone with a mobile phone, at any time you can dial his number and find out where he is, and whether he needs help, maybe even prevent unpleasant situations, but do not buy a dear one. Do not risk the health of your children. After all, there are many cases when not only steal phones, but select and even kill children. Buy a cheap phone and do not let the kid brag about it.