Fatigue in a relationship with a loved one, what to do?

Love did not pass, it just became somehow boring. Is it possible to regain former relationships, or are these changes inevitable? Oh, what a love! You could not live each other without a day, hour, minute! Wrote funny notes to each other, and came up with surprises worthy of Hollywood scripts! Do you remember when it ended? In general, no catastrophe has occurred, but you suddenly realized that you do not freeze when meeting a loved one like before, you will not be amused by his jokes, and even touching does not always cause reciprocal flutter. No, you love each other, it seems as before, but somehow it's not. You are tired ... and you will learn how to overcome fatigue in relationships with your beloved, what to do in this case, solve this problem with us.

If you see the causes of fatigue in a relationship with your loved one, what should you do in such a situation? You have been dating for a long time, and you have long been ready to accept the offer of the hand and heart. Just because it's time. In such cases, it is usually said whether to marry or run away. All your attempts to clarify his plans for your future together stumble against a blank wall. Relations pass through different stages, and tightening one of them invariably leads to cooling. And if there was a fatigue in a relationship with a loved one, what should I do? The solution to this problem can "boast" those who have domestic problems.

Yes, the proverbial housing question whom you want to spoil. In this sense, little has changed in the last hundred years. Life in a rented apartment, when you have to barely make ends meet is only a romance at first. And then becomes the subject of mutual accusations and sluggish reproaches. Also to the causes of fatigue in a relationship with a loved one can be attributed the inability to normally and regularly meet. This refers to relationships at a distance, when lovers for one reason or another live or work in different cities. At some point, I want to have a loved one not on the last Sunday of every month, but right now, on this rainy evening, when I'm very tired, when I'm sad and I just want to drink tea together in the kitchen. Another reason is that when one of the partners is not satisfied with the sex life, but this is completely different. This is all the cause of fatigue in relation to the beloved, what many couples do not know.

Signs of fatigue in a relationship. You constantly find out the relationship. It seems to him that it's all your fault with the inefficiency and inattention, to you - that the whole point is that he's a slob and a narcissistic bore. Communicate over dinner, you prefer the series, he magazine "AutoMir". At the same time, attempts to share what has been read or seen cause mutual irritation. You're happy when on the weekend he goes to his mom to fix the tap, he suggests that you meet with your girlfriends more often. And so on. Everyone has their own irresistible signs and "cockroaches". After all, it's only happy happy equally.

What to do with fatigue in a relationship? Do not panic. In the end, the fact that this happened to your relationship is confirmed only by the fact that the relationship takes place to be. Therefore, they can be adjusted at will. If it, of course, is. After all, feelings are like a living being. It goes through all stages - from childhood to old age. But it can fade in the prime of life from bad care and neglect. Your relationship must necessarily grow, develop, bring joy, otherwise they will fade. Do you remember how you felt for the first time in months of falling in love? What cheerful, radiant, carefree and fearlessly happy you were? Remember and try to mentally regain those feelings.

Pleasant memories will help restore the state of this wings and help relieve fatigue in the relationship. And the mood is always transferred to a loved one. Your enemies on the road to overcoming fatigue in a relationship - a routine and monotonous pastime.