Features of Turkish soap massage

Features of Turkish soap massage
Surely, each of us knows that Turkey is famous not only for the azure coast and chic recreation, but also for the famous soap massage. This procedure was developed by Avicenna, but, strange as it may seem, she got accustomed to the Turks. This massage can be divided into several varieties, the benefits of which we will discuss below.

What is a Turkish soap massage?

This variety is considered the most popular in the SPA centers in Turkey. And it is not surprising, because this procedure is able to have a beneficial effect on both men and women. Soap massaging with the use of a special scrubbing sponge is able to purify the skin of the keratinized particles of the epithelium, which in turn, rejuvenates it and makes it healthier. Violent, but soft movements of the palm can cure arthrosis, sciatica and other diseases of the spine, also it will be useful for athletes whose activities can not do without stretching and trauma. Turkish soap massage perfectly relaxes the entire body, frees the human mind from stress and anxious worry. After the sessions, people feel a new surge of strength and positive emotions.

This massage is done in a bath, a thermal bath, a sauna or a hammam, the main thing is to keep the air warm and moist. A person should lie on a flat table and try to completely relax. Meanwhile, the masseur puts on the client's body moisturizing oils, and after soap foam. At first the movements are smooth, sliding. It is possible to press by palms, bones of fingers or special knuckles, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise hematomas are possible. These manipulations must be performed for at least 30-40 minutes. Then the masseur must take a hard washcloth for scrub and circumnavigate the whole body in a circular motion. At the end of the session, the client needs to take a warm or cool shower - depending on the preferences.

Turkish massage for women

The difference between this variant and the previous one is that several other techniques are used for massaging, which is aimed at revealing the true female energy and getting rid of diseases of the reproductive system. The beginning of the procedure does not differ from the classical version, but in addition, massaging movements in the lower abdomen are added. Manipulation should be performed either with the pads of the fingers or with the base of the palm. The total duration of the session should be at least one hour, after which the girl should be rinsed in warm or hot water. To heal of female diseases it is necessary to visit the masseur regularly for 1-2 months.

Both types of Turkish foam massage should be accompanied by relaxing music and aromatherapy. At the end of the session it is very useful to drink ginger or mint tea. Myta will restore the nervous system, and ginger will give a tonus and new vitality.

As it became clear, Turkish soap massage is not only a pleasant and relaxing procedure, but also a curative one. The only contraindication is the diseases of the cardiovascular system, to which high humidity affects extremely negatively. We hope that our recommendations turned out to be not only interesting for you, but also useful.