Headache in parietal lobe

The headache is almost all people, but in every case, it causes completely different reasons. In medicine, such pain is due to irregular blood pressure or the cause of some kind of disease. In short, the factors that cause the headache are diverse. Especially unpleasant and delivering huge discomfort, are considered pain in the parietal part of the head. For such a headache, not only can, well, be sure to find a council. So, the theme of our today's publication: "Headache: parietal lobe." Let's try to find out the main causes of this pain in the parietal part of the head and how to fight it.

Pain in the parietal region of the head

Headache in the parietal lobe is the most common and widespread complaint with which most people turn to doctors. Because the pain in the parietal lobe, as in all other parts of the head, is most often a clear symptom of the disease. The headache of the parietal lobe is given over the entire head and can even "give" in the ears and eyes, and from light or noise increase even more.

Such a pain can be caused by a number of factors. Most often, it's the wrong food, stress, alcohol, smoking, weather changes, long work at the computer, physical stress and much more. The dark pain, as a rule, manifests itself episodically (several times a week). Stress, which we are experiencing, leads to a reduction in the muscles of the head and neck. And it causes such symptoms. By the way, if you know that your parietal lobe hurts because of too low a pressure, remember, this pain is not as dangerous as in a hypertensive attack.

Usually, with this type of pain, they struggle with various analgesics and painkillers (effelargan, aspirin and so on). If the parietal lobe hurts not so much, you can get rid of the pain sensations with the help of neck massage or deep and even breathing. Cold compresses on the back of the head also help. And with hypertension, a good result is giving a cup of coffee. For prophylaxis, it is recommended to rest for five minutes during work every hour, during which it is necessary to knead the muscles of the back and neck. Do not forget about walks in the fresh air, and gymnastics. If you suffer from a chronic headache, you need to take special antidepressants. By the way, doctors do not recommend using drugs longer than three days a week. Otherwise, it can lead to increased headache.

Very often the headache, in this part of the head, can be accompanied by spasms. Such spasms, as a rule, are given over the entire head and can even lead to nausea. In this case, it is necessary to use drugs that relieve spasms. You can also apply a cold or hot compress.

By the way, pain in the parietal lobe can cause a normal migraine. Migraine is a chronic illness that can be transmitted hereditarily. With this disease you are irritated by light, noise, overcomes vomiting, weakness. Such pain can last for several hours, and even a few days. The main provocators of such painful sensations are various food products (meat, cheese, wine, chocolate), diets, contraceptive reception, bad weather, lack of sleep and much more. Each person's reasons are individual. Mild migraine is treated with usual anesthetics, compresses in the neck or a quiet rest. Most often parietal lobe, suffers from cervical migraine. As a rule, this type of disease makes itself felt in 30-40 years, and is closely related to osteochondrosis. People suffering from this disease are mostly those who work in sedentary, sedentary work.

Such pain is very much given to the parietal part of the head and brings a lot of discomfort. Fight it with the help of special massages for the cervical spine or a set of exercises. In order to prevent, it is worth mentioning the fact of what we sleep on, and in what position is our head at this moment. Under the neck, during rest, it is recommended to put a hard roller. This is not a complex, but very effective method of preventing this type of pain.

In the case of constant pressure surges, as we said at the beginning, it is worthwhile to use the right doses of coffee in a regular manner. By the way, you need to drink this drink at the same time. And after a while, you should reduce his dose.

Pain in the parietal region is also caused by various depressions, nerves and stresses. Such pain, as a rule, spreads throughout the head or is concentrated on the parietal lobe. In a period of nervous excitement, it appears immediately. This pain is treated with calmness and a positive attitude. You also need to get rid of the depression and nerve, by contacting the therapist.

But the headache from a hangover, spreads throughout the head area, including eyeballs. To avoid this, after drinking alcohol, coming home, and going to bed, drink several glasses of ordinary water with two aspirin tablets. And in the morning, drink on an empty stomach orange juice.

Here we have considered the main causes that can cause head pain in the parietal lobe. Unfortunately, there is as yet no universal tool that can instantly remove such pain. In any case, it is best to find out the main causes that cause a headache. That's why the best remedy for a headache is a complete examination with a specialist, a visit to which will help to exclude a number of diseases, the symptoms of which this pain itself is. And even better in the problem will help to understand a neurologist or psychotherapist.

You should contact a specialist in the following cases:

- if the pain in the parietal region is accompanied by various side effects: weakness, memory impairment, vision, general malaise;

- the headache more often begins to pester you;

- if the headache increases and does not pass a long time;

- pain occurs when you touch your head or hurt her by accident;

- pain in the parietal part is accompanied by temperature, severity in the airways, dry mouth and constant vomiting.

Here are the main signs that self-treatment is not appropriate here. Remember that the usual pain in the parietal lobe can become a harbinger of the disease. Therefore, be reasonable and seek medical advice. Good luck and no headaches!