How to educate children of twins?

Children born into the world as a result of multiple pregnancies are called twins. Some of them are twins. Children, developed from different eggs - twins. They may differ in gender, blood group and differ from each other. Twins, which appeared from one egg, are usually called monozygotic. They are always of the same sex, and also look like a reflection in the mirror.

If we are talking about a hereditary predisposition to the birth of twins, we mean twins. Appearance of the light of true twins is the whim of nature.

Close contacts

Twins can understand each other without words. They sense the mood of their twin at some distance. There are stories that tell that twins, separated in childhood and grown up in different conditions, have the same habits. They suffer from the same diseases, they choose girls with similar looks and names as wives.

In practice, it is proved that odnoyaytsovye twins differ from each other by 99 percent. Rivalry in such children begins in the mother's womb. They are often in a dispute between themselves. After the appearance of the light, one of the twins shows the character of the leader, the second is to be in a constant shadow. The leading twin develops better, he also pushes his brother or sister away from the mother's breast.

One of the twins will become senior, since he appeared before the second twin. Parents do not feel this difference. They do not divide their twins into an older and younger child. Twins are given equal attention and are not set for each other as an example. If you approach this way of upbringing, then the children will not have complexes.

Do not you confuse your twins?

Parents of twins are often asked the same question, do not they confuse their children. And the parents themselves often came to this idea in the head from the moment they learned about the fact that twins are expected.

After the children are born, parents carefully study them in order to find differences. If there are no significant differences, parents come up with them based on the nature of the child. For example, one plump, the second is slender or one is sad, the other cheerful. Of course, this is not entirely correct, but such differences will help to distinguish twins, even if they want to deceive parents.

Psychologists say that odnoyaytsovyh vnutnetsovtilyachayut only on the differences imposed by relatives. Such differences in the future will help to build their relationship with their peers. It will also help to develop the personality.

Subtlety of education

The family in which the twins were born will not be matched by the classical methods of education. In an ordinary family, where children of different ages, parents try to bring together and teach them how to get along. But with the children of twins, the situation is completely different. Children must learn to survive without each other. If this is not done, the twins will build a world in which they are comfortable only together. They will not let outsiders into their lives.

Up to one year, children will develop the same way. The development of twins is fundamentally different from the development of one child. Twins communicate with each other at the verbal level, so they begin to talk later than their peers. When they begin to talk, the children will understand the language only.

An ordinary child begins to realize and respond to his name at the age of six months, the twins begin to react to the name only in one year. They can respond to the name of their twin. Until the age of two, twins do not recognize their reflection in the mirror. In the school age the twin can speak instead of "I" with the pronoun "we".

Unmarried twins bring up much easier. These children can be treated as children of different ages. Boys are educated in austerity, and girls are in constant affection. In a family in which children of different ages grow, parents try to love and pay attention to children alike. With twins, it's best to make a preference. For example, a father caresses more than one child, and the mother of another. Then the children will receive the same amount of love.

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