How to make the skin perfect: 5 simple and budgetary care rules for the lazy!

Wash with boiled or filtered water. Tap water contains chlorine, ammonium sulphate, fluoride, manganese, iron, lead impurities in increased concentration - this composition provokes the appearance of irritations, rashes, premature wrinkles.

"Soft" water - for gentle cleansing of the skin

Use mineral water instead of tonic. After removing the make-up and cleansing the skin with foam, gel or mousse, rinse your face with cool mineral water - this simple trick will eliminate the dull tone and return the shine to the skin.

Mineral water perfectly tones the skin

Wipe your face after washing. Water, which gradually evaporates from the skin, disrupts its water-lipid balance - the upper layer of the epidermis becomes dry and prone to peeling. This habit is especially harmful during a cold season - the hypersensitive skin reacts sharply to wind and cold temperature. Make it a rule to gently swipe your face with a paper towel or a cotton towel, eliminating excess moisture.

A warm towel will help to drain moisture faster

Apply fluid with UV filters, going outside. Aggressive radiation affects our skin constantly - even on a cloudy autumn day. Using a protective tool regularly, you will see positive changes after a couple of weeks.

Day cream with SPF slows down photoaging processes

Apply a vitamin mask. For its preparation, it takes only a couple of minutes: lightly heat a couple spoons of olive oil, put in it a few drops of vitamins E and A (from ampoules), mix and apply on the face with massage movements. Such a mask will increase the elasticity of the skin, prolong its youth, eliminate fine wrinkles and rashes, add radiance and freshness.

Vitamin mask - the secret of beautiful skin