How to save and improve memory

Sometimes there are situations when a person tries to remember something, but can not. Someone's name, phone number, shopping list. And the fault is not senile sclerosis. Just our memory, like muscles, needs training. It is a mistake to think that the more information you get, the less space there is for memory. According to scientists, we use only 10% of the capabilities of our brain. There are special methods for preserving and improving memory. But it is equally important to eat right, rest and ... even think.

Eat right.
Very useful for storing memory fatty fish. But if you do not want to eat fish every day, you can just take fish oil in capsules.

Red and purple foods can also help. Blueberries, aubergines, beets and red onions - all contain a chemical that enhances brain function and memory.

Foods rich in folic acid, such as broccoli, peas and bananas can also help keep your brain healthy.

Drink more water.
Without food a person can live two months, and without water - only a few days. On the day the body needs about two liters of fluid.

What is it for? Each cell of our body, including the brain, produces a metabolism with each other through fluid. If there is not enough water, toxins accumulate in the cells, oxygen and nutrients are less supplied. For the brain, this is especially harmful.

Sleep more.
Sleep, this is the time when our body relaxes, regenerates and prepares for a new day. During sleep, the brain processes the information received for the day. And if you do not sleep enough, the information does not have time to be processed. Brain RAM, like a computer, starts to work more slowly. And the new material is poorly digested. Take time to fully sleep, it will help to keep memory intact.

Have a rest.
It's hard to concentrate and remember some things if your brain is constantly in suspense. Learn to relax. A half-hour walk in the fresh air is a wonderful cure for anxiety. You will be surprised, but even 20 minutes of playing on a computer or mobile phone will help you relax.

Train the memory.
Studies have shown that people who regularly train memory actually improve their brain functions. Many methods of remembering information have been developed. But do not necessarily sign up for expensive training. A simple solution to crossword puzzles, sudoku or quiz is an excellent remedy for sclerosis.

An excellent training for memory is learning poems and songs. Learn to count simple numbers without a calculator. And instead of relying on the notebook phone, try to remember some of the information yourself.

Switch to another topic.
Probably, each person faced with such situation when it is necessary to remember something important, but in any way it is not remembered. It seems that the word spins on the language, but does not want to "say". Do not panic! The more you focus on the question, the harder it will be to remember something. Psychologists advise to switch to another topic. Think of something else, better about enjoyable. You will not notice how the information that you tried to remember with such difficulty will come to your attention in your memory.

Go back to where you came from.
It happens that we leave the room and forget what we wanted to do. Try to go back to the room. Seeing the same situation, associations are triggered and therefore the original thoughts return.

Be creative.
Everyone will have a series of significant dates or a couple of names that must always be remembered.
One way to remember about them is to make up a story that includes information with the necessary information. Invent a rhyme, phrase, or a song with key dates or names that you must remember.

Think pictures.
If you need to remember your shopping list, imagine it in the form of pictures. More than 80% of the information we receive with the help of the organs of vision. Therefore, visual associations are the most stable.
Imagine which department of the store you go first? What do you see? What will you put in the basket? This method is much better than a piece of paper with reminders.

Move more.
Medical research shows that the brain works more efficiently when the blood flow in the body increases. Consequently, the amount of oxygen in the cells increases.

The best way to disperse blood through the veins is to move more. Walking in the fresh air, jogging, fitness, swimming. Enumerate it is possible indefinitely. Choose a lesson for your liking. Remember, movement is the engine of health! Including the mental.

Now you know much more about how to save memory. Remember - your health is in your hands.