How to wean a cat to tear furniture?

You have a kitten, a small miracle that gives you your care and warmth. The kitten is accustomed to the tray and knows who the master is in the house. It seems, everything goes on as usual, but at one point the ptomian starts to tear up the furniture. With this problem you can cope with typing patience, but first let's figure out why he does it.
Why does a cat cut furniture?
Cats are excellent hunters, and their claws must be in excellent condition. In nature, relatives of cats grind their claws on trees, and pets use furniture for this. This is one of the natural instincts, so scold a cat for spoiled furniture is not worth it. But the tattered furniture in the apartment will not please anyone.

Ways to wean a cat to spoil furniture
Some owners solve the problem globally, no claws - nothing to scratch, and clip their claws to their pets. Also practiced and tendonectomy - pruned tendons on the legs so that the cat could not release claws. But without claws, the cat will deteriorate posture, coordination can be disrupted, and why bother so much about your pet?

As a result, all these methods lead to the disability of the animal - without claws, the posture deteriorates in the cat, the adhesion to the surfaces is significantly reduced, which causes the coordination of movements to be violated and the strongest stressful condition occurs. In no case do not resort to these methods, because the cat is a living being, and therefore it is necessary to negotiate with it, and not to maim.

How humanely to wean the cat to tear furniture?
A universal way to wean a cat to tear furniture is to give it an alternative. In the pet stores there is a wide selection of nails and a variety of sprays, which repel cats from their favorite "whetstones". However, just buying a scratching pad will not be enough - you'll have to work hard to explain to the cat what it is and what it's for. That is why it is better to study the accustomed to scratching at an early age - an adult cat is more likely to ignore the new device and will not understand why it was possible to tear furniture earlier, and now for some reason they blame it.

The main stages of cats training: Many cats basically ignore claws, in this case try to use the power of smells. The most unpleasant aromas for cats are citrus, so you can sprinkle lemon juice on the places where the cat is eating furniture, and she will have to use an alternative. In turn, the very scratching claw can be smeared with a couple of drops of valerian or catnip to attract attention.
  1. Cats do not like sticky surfaces, so you can protect furniture with double-sided tape. Having stuck to the paws a couple of times, the cat will understand that this is not the place that she needs.
  2. Recently, silicone attachments for claws are gaining popularity - with the help of special glue they are glued to the claw and protect the furniture from damage, and the cat from the radical methods of the owners. The main difficulty is that once every few weeks they should be changed, after which the cat will have to cut off the outgrown tips of the claws, so the whole procedure is best done in the cabin.
  3. To extinguish a cat to tear furniture it is possible also by means of covers for it. The thing is that to get rid of the upper layer of the claw, cats need a firm and stable surface, which is why the same curtains remain untouched. In addition to the fact that it will be inconvenient for the cat to sharpen the claws on a freely hanging fabric, this is a good way to update the spoiled furniture.
When raising a cat, it is always necessary to act firmly, confidently, but affectionately, so that she does not have a desire to take revenge. Choose the method that suits you, and do not despair if you do not see results for a long time. Sooner or later you will find such a compromise that will preserve your furniture, nerves and animal health. The main thing is to understand that a cat is a living being, and it will not be possible to transform it into yourself, so you just need to learn how to live together.