Types of people in relation to life

Not every one of us can enjoy life. What types of people in this environment stand out, we'll find out by reading this article.

The ability to enjoy life is an art that consists of the ability to feel "here and now", as well as the ability to take absolutely any event in life without price. The world is beautiful, provided that ...
You think reality is wrong, people have more flaws than merit, and love does not exist - there is only dependence or calculation. The world around you is a bundle of misunderstandings, and those living outside are full of imperfections. If a company of teenagers laughs loudly behind your back, you will certainly conclude: they make fun of you. A person who has carefully looked at you in the subway will turn out to be a "scoundrel" who is plotting something unkind.

But the world is a mirror image of your ideas. You will frown and be angry, which means that people will not be very well-behaved, but if you smile, you will receive hundreds of reasons for joy in return.

You are rightfully considered sexual, because you value comfort, enjoy life and your own body, but only within certain limits. What goes beyond them is rejected and has no right to exist. You insist: the relationship should be perfect - you, finally, get married and create a family. But the fact that the wedding is the best variant of the development of events is not a fact. Maybe the true betrothed waits somewhere ahead, behind the next turn of fate? No matter how rich your imagination is, even it can not imagine how other events can unfold. Trust the world, loosen your grip, learn to accept and discover: your destiny is like an old book. Mysterious, precious and rare. And not all of you have guessed it.

The world is beautiful prilyubyh conditions
You are the embodiment of joy. You accept any event with readiness, in each situation you find a positive moment - this ability to enjoy life can be envied. In traffic jams, you see the opportunity to learn a foreign language, and from growing up with your loved one you do not do the tragedy of the century - you tell the destiny of "thank you" the forbidden opportunity to find the man of your dreams. Your good mood is independent of external circumstances, because you yourself are a generator of joy. And if someone can only make a purchase of a new model for a while, go to a resort or an expensive fur coat, then you can enjoy cycling, reading or walking around the city.

Live delicious - it's about you, because not everyone laughs so contagiously laughingly, only you can cry so desperately, so sincerely believe in real love is not given to everyone. I have not forgotten how to see life every day new, surprising and interesting, and therefore - happy.

The world will be beautiful when ...
Your life fits into a simple, but very disappointing scheme: "You need to wait a little, and everything will surely be adjusted." You say to yourself: you will be happy if you buy an apartment, get married, lose weight, grow hairs, etc. But why, when reaching the goal, Why do you find yourself again unhappy? Why do you find yourself again unhappy? Is it similar to the righteousness of the inability to rejoice? To those around you answer: "What else is joyful?" Think about the throat! "And when you think about yourself:" When shall I rest? "How do you break out of this circle? slow crawling "lifts, clumsy cashiers, queues." I'm busy! "- the usual answer to the requests of relatives to give them attention. But paradoxically: The more you hurry, the less you manage. And in the evenings you fall asleep with the feeling that you did not have time. whether to stop and answer the question: "Do I go there?" A slow human life is not laziness, indifference to the problems and not the negation of active life.

This inclusion in her process and, as a consequence, the opportunity to enjoy the joys right now, without delay for tomorrow. Where to start such a slow, wonderful "existence? Learn to enjoy a little: a delicious dinner, a sunny day, an evening spent in the circle of friends.

The world can not be beautiful, because ...
From life you do not expect anything good, and she has nothing left to do to justify your expectations. Every unpleasant event is superfluous to confirm its pessimistic view. What if you look at reality from a different angle? Agree: answering the question "what do I need this for?", You will benefit more than if you are tormented in search of the cause of the incident. The elevator was stuck not because you are a failure, but to cross from the head of the office, which "owed" the report. Tickets to the movies ended right before the toboyne because life was not a success, and so that you, strolling through the city, met the man of your dreams, thinking that happiness is somewhere there, far away and it's all lacking, you do not notice it is nearby, already belongs to you just have to believe and extend a hand to him. It is foolish to speculate what can happen in the future, it is unreasonable to look for the causes of the troubles that have occurred. Only the present moment is worthy to give him his attention and strength.