Makeup for Halloween for girls and girls - witches, vampire, skulls, cats and dolls

All Saints' Day causes Russians the most contradictory feelings. Someone complains about the "dominance" of Western culture and the "devilry" that is always present in the atmosphere of this holiday, while others are eagerly waiting for the October 31 offensive. That night, you can, without paying attention to the reaction of others, change clothes Vampires, Witches, Skeletons, Zombies, a variety of fantastic animals. On the night of October 31 in large cities, you can observe an amazing procession, reminiscent of the carnival of the heroes of horror films. The streets are girls and young people dressed in Pirates, Evil Rangers, Sorceresses, Magicians and Alchemists with skulls in their hands. Their costumes made with their own hands look always very eccentric, and the terrible makeup for Halloween looks very realistic - the thought involuntarily creeps in: maybe the evil spirits still exist? Nevertheless, the whole secret of their unique appearance lies in the makeup. Perhaps, having listened to our advice on face makeup, and you will want to "turn" your children - girls and boys 7-9 and 10-12 years - into cute Cats or Deer, Little Mermaid or Puppet. Using aquagrim and gouache, you can easily create the most unusual "makeup". Before you start working with paints and cosmetics, take a look at Youtube video about how professionals work, creating makeup level 80. Pay attention to the photos of the ready-made images for Halloween.

Vampire makeover for girls on Halloween, made by own hands

How can you recognize vampires? Thanks to literature and horror films, we heard about their lightning speed, flawless matte pale skin, brilliant red eyes and superhuman strength. Using a simple make-up (shadows, lipstick, mascara), colored lenses and artificial blood, their image can be created with their own hands. Watch the video to learn how to "try on" the make-up of Bella Cullen from "Twilight" and what is needed for this. The image will suit young girls who are going to celebrate Halloween.

How to Make a Vampire Makeover for Halloween with Your Own Hands - Master Class for Girls

To create an image of a vampire, the girl will definitely need plug-in fangs and colored lenses - they can be pre-ordered on the sites of popular online stores. The rest of the materials and tools can be found in a regular cosmetic bag. Get out of the beautician:

  1. Apply on the face of liquid powder or a foundation of very light shade. Cover the first layer of make-up with a white powder.

  2. Select the eyes with yellow shadows and a red-brown pencil or eyeliner.
  3. Using a brush, cover your lips with a lipstick of dark red, "bloody" shades (see steps # 2 and # 3 in the photo).

  4. Insert artificial canines and colored lenses. The final touch of the makeup for Halloween is a drop of "blood" flowing from the corner of the mouth.

How to make girls with their own hands the make-up of a witch for Halloween

The image of the Witch on Halloween wants to try on many girls. Indeed, given the successfully executed make-up, in a terrible sorceress with eerie cheeks and burning eyes, it will be difficult to find out your sweet friend or young neighbor in the yard. Creation of such make-up with their own hands is carried out in stages, layer by layer. For best results it is better to follow the instructions of the master class.

Master class for girls to create makeup Witches with their own hands

The image of a pretty young Witch is liked by many girls. Try to turn into a sorceress and you - apply the appropriate make-up on your face and pick up the original costume for the sorceress. By the way, a similar "makeup" is quite appropriate when creating a make-up doll or fairy. So, prepare:
  1. Apply on the face a foundation or liquid powder and let the make-up base soak;

  2. Blossom over the upper eyelid lilac or purple shadows, moving them from the corner of the eye to its edge.

  3. Continue to put the shadows further down on the lower eyelid. Circle your eyes with a layer of dark gray or black shadows.

  4. Between the light purple and dark gray layers of make-up for the eyes, apply purple shadows;

  5. Prepare false eyelashes by combing them with a special brush.

  6. Gently glue eyelashes in the upper and lower eyelids.

  7. Around the eyes and the area of ​​the temples, apply glitter or pearly white shadows.

  8. You have the image of a cute young Witch.

Women's Makeup Skulls on Halloween - How to Make Skeleton Makeup - Youtube Video

Skeletons for Halloween "become" many girls. To create an eerie image, they use costumes with images of bones and ribs. However, the main thing in the guise of a sinister character is makeup. After reading Youtube with video instructions for creating this makeup, you can easily draw a realistic Skull image on your face.

How to Make Skull Makeup for Skeleton Costume - Master Class in Photos and Videos

In order to quickly draw on the face of the image of the Skull, use photo instructions.

Please note: you will only need black and white colors (aquagrim). Begin the work by applying a white base on the face. Use a brush to draw out the contours of the eye sockets, cheekbones, teeth and proceed to painting them, constantly checking your result with the photograph of the master class.

Makeup for Halloween for children 7-9 years - Make makeup at home

Applying on the child's face a drawing - a make-up for Halloween - use only aquagrim. Children's skin is too tender and sensitive - from watercolors, gouache and even ordinary cosmetics, irritation may appear on it. Up to 7-9 children are generally better not to use makeup - they are suitable for small temporary stickers, tattoos, absolutely safe and easily removed at home (hot water with soap).

For older children also try to choose images that do not require the use of a large number of shadows, powders and foundation - Cat, Princess, Good Sorceress. Remember - even the best quality cosmetics can clog the pores of a teenager and lead to the appearance of acne.

Makeup Ideas for Children 7-9 Years - Using Aquagrim on Halloween

The use of aqua-grime is the optimal solution when choosing the method of applying children's make-up on Halloween. For boys and girls 7-9 years, by the Day of All Saints, you can choose images of fairy-tale characters, princesses and cute little animals.

Unusual face makeup for Halloween for children over 10-12 years old

Children older than 10-12 years old can already use ordinary make-up and even actor's makeup. To create an unusual make-up, you first need to select the character that the child will represent at the party dedicated to All Saints Day. First, the drawing should be drawn on paper - you visualize the finished image and easily make up the teenager. You will be helped by our video instructions and photos of children, modeled under the characters of Halloween.

How to make details of an unusual face makeup for Halloween - Makeup for children 10-12 years and older

If you grimiruete child over 10-12 years, preparing it for Halloween, use liquid silicone and BF glue. With its help you can create eerie realistic scars.

Step-by-step instructions for applying an artificial scar

  1. Apply glue or liquid silicone to the area of ​​the skin where you want to see the future "scar" and wait until it dries completely.
  2. Pick up your fingernail with dry glue on one side, gradually rolling it into a thin flagellum.
  3. Give the flagellum the desired shape and color it with a foundation or a liquid powder.
  4. Powder the entire face - the scar will look natural.
This technique of makeup is used in the make-up of the Dead Bride, Vampire, Zombie.

Professional make-up of level 80 on Halloween - Video selection

The art of make-up requires not only a great desire, but also a daily practice. Professional level 80 make-up artists are able to work with all types of makeup, ranging from watercolors, face and make-up paints, to modern materials used to create 3D drawings on the face and body. Such specialists work on film sets and in theaters, helping actors to reincarnate in their characters. The services of these masters are highly appreciated - only the well-to-do people or real fans of All Saints' Day can afford to order a miracle-make-up for Halloween. However, a person who owns a brush and paints can draw something similar with the help of an aqua-grasp.

Makeup Dolls for Halloween-Grimiruem girl

Preparing for Halloween, girls often ask moms to make them up as dolls. The image of the Doll - beautiful, but also terrible, is most often chosen because of the simplicity of the make-up and costume. Creating an image of the heroine on October 31, children dress up in lush dresses with bows and a lot of frills. Grimiruya child, the master emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes and porcelain pallor of the skin.

Makeup Ideas Dolls for Girls on Halloween

Dolls are different - Barbie, pups, funny "schoolgirls" with bows, Bratz, Winx. Each girl has her favorite character, and on Halloween, she might want to put on a makeup to look like him. We will tell you which "tricks" will help the child to get as close to the image of the Selected Doll.
  1. Color contact lenses. Wearing them, the girl, as if by magic, will change her appearance.
  2. False eyelashes. This is an obligatory detail of any make-up doll: the eyes are made expressive, large, slightly naive.
  3. Cosmetics of light colors - peach foundation or powder of porcelain shades, pink pearl lavender, light lilac and blue shadows.
  4. Bows for creating hairstyles, braids or curvy large curls.
This is how the fully completed images of different dolls look on Halloween.

The most terrible makeup on Halloween with your own hands - Photo and video

To create the most terrible makeup for Halloween make-up artists use artificial scars and wounds. Real professionals skillfully imitate the lack of fingers, realistic warts and abrasions. Using the hints on the video, you can create the creepy make-up of your hero for All Saints Day.

Master class on creating the most terrible makeup for Halloween - We put on the artificial wound

Creating the most terrible makeup for Halloween, the face and hands of the characters are scars. To make a similar "wound" is very simple, and it will look very believable. Before working out, prepare the following:
  1. Apply Vaseline on your arm with a thick layer.

  2. With a sharp pencil or knitting needle, make a line of the future scar;

  3. Using shadows, paint the scar. For greater likelihood around the wound, shade yellow and blue shadows.

  4. Cover the scar with lip gloss or lipstick.

A similar cut can also be done on the face - the technique remains the same.

Easy makeup for Halloween - Makeup Cats

Grim Cats are among the lightest makeup on Halloween. Creating it, the make-up artist is often limited to drawing muzzle and whiskers of an animal, sometimes even without using a foundation or powder.

Features of light makeup Cats on Halloween

Cat's makeup for All Saints Day involves the use of liner and liner. With this simple cosmetics it is easy to achieve the effect of "cat's eyes", elongated and slightly almond-shaped. A successful addition to the makeup are fluffy, long false eyelashes and colored lenses.

How to make home makeup for Halloween with the help of gouache

Using ordinary gouache, on Halloween you can turn into a bright Fish, Parrot, Avatar, Peacock, Chameleon and in general, any of the most vivid characters from the fantastic and animated films. The main thing that you need to consider when creating a make-up home is the paint feature. Gouache, applied too thick layer, withered. Cracks appear on its surface. Avoid these problems can be, exactly and thinly applying paint on the surface of the skin, covered with protective cream.

Examples of images for Halloween, created with the help of gouache

With the help of gouache, you can make a simple make-up - to draw the mask of the Villain-Killer or the Merry Rabbit from "Winnie the Pooh", Nurse, Turtle-Ninja and any bright characters of Halloween.

The main part of any image chosen for All Saints Day is always the make-up for Halloween. Unlike the highly professional makeup of level 80, used in film studios, it can be created by oneself at home. Using aquagrim or gouache, you can easily turn into a Skeleton, Skull, Witch, Vampire. Girls 7-9 years will want to be a little Puppet, and children over 10-12 years old - Cats. It's very easy to make this make-it-yourself: check it yourself by watching the video of master classes on makeup on Youtube.