Pregnancy, stories about childbirth

"Pregnancy, stories about childbirth" is the topic of our today's article, in which I will tell you about my friend's personal experience.

Here practically all the nine months of my pregnancy have come to an end, and at the last reception the gynecologist told me: "Everything, pack a bag, prepare mentally, the other day must give birth!". I came home with a joyful feeling that I will soon meet with my baby, this long period of waiting is finally coming to an end. But when I sensibly realized and understood the fact that I would give birth soon, the feeling of delight was gradually replaced by a completely different sensation. I realized that I was very scared. Immediately I forgot all the wonderful things that accompanied me during these nine months: the first joy when I found out that I was expecting a child; arrangement of children's; buying clothes for the baby; choice of name. The head was drilled with only one thought - to give birth, it's so painful!

I'm afraid of the nature of the coward and the pain. And she was afraid of birth pain terribly, although she wanted to give birth naturally. My fear was also promoted by the viewing at the time of numerous films in which the woman during the births must have screamed (she did not scream, but throat all the time). Yes, and "good" girlfriends, moms, all vied with each other in details, how it was painful to endure them, and how long this hell went on, that neither end nor edge can be seen.

All this, of course, did not add to my optimism and positive attitude. But you can not go to the hospital with shaking knees. With my fear I had to do something. And a few days left I had to study various literature in search of the cherished words "to give birth it does not hurt." Of course, I have never found anything like this, however, I still reassured the information about the changes, the stories about childbirth. I did not run away from my fear of pain, brush it off or just not think about it. On the contrary, I decided to think it over and put it on the shelves. And that's what I got.

First, I accepted and realized the fact that I will still be hurt. Well, there was not a single case in history that a woman gave birth painlessly. But! In the literal sense of the word, there will be no pain that is unbearable. Yes, it will hurt, but, again, tolerable. After all, each person is unique in its own way and each has its own threshold of sensitivity. And I have no doubt that to every concrete person Nature will give exactly as much suffering as this or that will be able to endure. Not more.

At this point, you can look at the position of religion, which says that God loves everyone. We are all created by the Creator, and He loves us all equally. Childbirth is a process also foreseen by Him. He, as a loving Creator, would not send his children, just unbearable suffering. Otherwise, the whole concept of love, on which religion is based, has long been exposed.

And from a medical point of view, one can say that each organism is provided with an "analgesic system" that regulates pain sensations. If it becomes very painful, then morphine-like substances begin to be released, which reduce the pain sensations of the body. There is as it were an independent anesthesia.

Secondly, I realized that I'm a little afraid to die during childbirth, as it was in the Middle Ages. But even then, fear soon disappeared from the realization that science and technology had gone far ahead. Next to me will be qualified specialists who will notice, if something goes wrong, and in time will render the necessary help.

Thirdly, I stopped listening to all the "kind" moms-girlfriends who were "ta-ah-hurts!", Deciding that I would have everything different, because I was psychologically prepared. A good emotional mood is already a big plus in a difficult test. And the story of one of my neighbors, who on the eve of the birth, watched a film about women tortured by fascists in concentration camps during the Great Patriotic War, led me to the idea of ​​creating for myself some kind of "competitor of pain", with which it would not be terrible to suffer torment. In this case, the neighbor, when she was exhausted by the fights, thought that the women in the camps were suffering for the sake of the Motherland alone, so how could she not be patient for her own child.

I had to think over and how to comprehend all of the foregoing not once, before the exciting event that had occurred. But when the fights began, I went to the hospital absolutely calm and confident that everything will be fine!