Stages of family relations

Reaching a certain age, people tend to get married, start a family. And it is right. Marriage in the modern world is not an obligation, not self-sacrifice, not a curse and not the realization of someone's expectations and hopes. It's just a kind of human relationship. It is only assumed that people in such relationships must necessarily be happy. Each married couple has the same stages in their relations:

Stage 1. "Chemistry of Love"
It is also called the marshmallow-chocolate phase. Its duration is not less than one and a half years. During this period, all meetings of a woman with a man are painted in blue, the body rapidly produces hormones of happiness.

In this short period of relations, everything suits lovers. The voice seems amazing and incomparable, even any stupidity touches. People are in a state of euphoria and ecstasy, but absolutely everything passes. This period will end. Therefore, hasty decisions should not be taken.

2 stage. "The phase of satiation"
At this time, your feelings are calming down, pacified. And then the usual addiction to the person follows. Romantic relationships become ordinary, reach their peak. The saturation stage begins, and then the satiety begins. There comes a calm before the storm, as if in nature. The smell of the storm is already felt in the air, but still suspiciously calm, smooth and quiet.

Stage 3. "Disgust"
This phase pursues any long-term relationship. Begins hostility in relations, there are quarrels. People do not notice in a positive relationship, they see only the shortcomings of a partner. How to be?

Divorce is, of course, the easiest way to get out of these disgusted relationships, but also the most irrational. It's bad that you again have to join the marshmallow chocolate stage, but with another person.

Some people constantly rotate only in these three stages. It is interesting that Hindus consider these phases to be a level unworthy for a modern and civilized person. After all, in a real relationship you still have not entered.

4 th stage. "Patience"
This is the most difficult period. It is characterized by prolonged quarrels. But they are not as fatal as in the previous phase. Partners already know that after the quarrel will be the restoration of relations. If you try to make efforts towards patience, you can feel the development of the mind. This is the strict law of nature. So, we remember that during this period we get the mind.

5 stage. "Duty and Respect"
This is the initial stage of love. Before her, there was still no love. Partners start to think not about what they owe me, but certainly what I have to do for the other. And this concentration on their responsibilities begins to develop people.

Stage 6. "Friendship"
In this period, the real preparation for love begins. The phase is based on previous relationships. Partners need to form a "trust bank". Without mutual respect, relations will not develop.

7th stage. "Love"
A rather complicated and long way has been passed. A couple is waiting for a well-deserved reward - true love. Do not worry that it will stop or weaken over time. No, it will only increase and become even stronger.

It is estimated that people will be able to go through these seven stages in 12 years or more.

Love is not a thing. It is impossible to buy. To it it is necessary to aspire all life. Love must be trained through different life situations. This is typical for long and close relationships. Love does not fall on our heads, we ourselves go to it, with our own eyes, we liberate ourselves from selfishness.

Therefore, couples who decide to get divorced, we need to thoroughly study each other and make friends. And then great love will come. You just need to appreciate those who are always with us.

Yes, this is how we live, although many couples perceive this with skepticism. In the marshmallow chocolate period it is impossible to understand what true love means. After all, it has six flavors. It is sweet and salty, astringent and astringent, sharp and bitter.

So you can not demand anything from your partner, but you just have to be faithful to your love. Devotion is the main quality of not passing love. If you think that love is gone, it's over, then know that your love has not even started yet.