How to find the guy of your dreams in 13 years

How to find the guy of your dreams in 13 years? You always think about it, ask a question a hundred times a day, but no one can help you. In fact, you can do everything yourself, you just need to try a little.

So, how to find the guy of your dreams in 13 years? First, determine where to look for it.

The answer is simple - on the Internet. There are a lot of dating sites, chat rooms, well, "VKontakte", of course, too. Therefore, register on a large number of sites and everywhere leave interesting information about yourself. In addition, there must be a lot of cool pictures. Ask to photograph you from one of the girlfriends. Pictures should be different: on the street, at home, in the club. Take pictures in different clothes, in different poses. If no one can take you off, do not get upset. Excellent photos are obtained even when you shoot yourself. You can use the phone. The best view from above. That's how your eyes stand out, and the guys are very fond of girls with big eyes. Also, try to make sure that your lips are plump. Photos are best edited in Photoshop, adding more interesting effects.

After the pictures are ready, post them on all blogs, in chat, in contact. As often as possible, update the albums and try to add at least thirty photos at a time. So the guys will appreciate you and also realize that you are fond of photography. And it's very good when a girl has a hobby. Do not wait for someone to write to you. Look at the profiles of the guys, choose those who are right for you and write it yourself. The more you write, the greater the chance to find your loved one. Also, you can add guys to the contact. Of course, find those who live in your city so that you have a 100% chance to meet. Do not pay attention to those who will reject applications. They are just limited, uninteresting people who can not boast of popularity among girls. And the picture on the avatar, most likely, is also not real. Applications are rejected by scary scholars who simply understand that they have no chance to meet with you.

Be sure to sit in the chat. And it's better not to be alone - there you can always find the guy of your dreams. Choose yourself a kind and gentle nickname, because the guys love cute, kavainyh girls. Name yourself "sweet little cutie," "sweet sun," "nyashnaya nyaka" or something like that. Such nicks will attract the attention of worthy guys. Answer everything that the guys write to you. Of course, do not forget that you need to view their photos. You need a handsome guy, otherwise, it makes sense to meet with him. Do not spend so much effort that the girlfriend then could not evaluate it for a hundred balls. Be sure to leave contact information to new friends so they can contact you. If you have several mobile phones, write down all the numbers so as not to miss a call. If the guy also left his number, you can not wait for his call, write and call yourself. Guys love attention, and he will be very pleased that you are interested in his persona. Be sure to agree to all the meetings that young people offer you. So you can see the young man in real life and see if it suits you. You can even schedule several meetings for one day.

Choose the places located nearby from each other so as not to waste a lot of time for moving. By the way, it is advisable to get acquainted with guys who are older than you by several years. They are smarter, more experienced, they know what they want from life. Do not pay attention to those who do not belong to any subculture, especially if they are more than sixteen years old. At this age, you already need to decide on the lifestyle, and if he still considers himself ordinary, why do you need this. The dream guy must necessarily be able to do something that can boast of others: skateboarding or biking, playing in a group, doing parkour.

Also, you should be able to get acquainted with the guys. You in fact know, where in your city many interesting and independent children gather. So go there. Meet the guys that you like, talk to them, take phones and be sure to call. If he says that there is no time and asks for a call later, call back, but not more than half an hour. In fact, the young man is not busy, he just checks if you are interested enough, or you give up so easily. You can call even at night, because it's nice to wake up from the voice of your girlfriend.

Of course, you must definitely go to clubs. That's where you can meet in one evening with a huge number of guys. If parents forbid you, do not despair. You can always find a way out of the situation and not let them break your life. Yes, unfortunately, moms and dads absolutely do not understand your problems. Therefore, it is better for them not to know anything at all. Say that you stay with a girlfriend, persuade a friend and her older sister or brother to pretend to be her mother or father and go safely to the club. Dress as best as possible. Try to look so that everyone will pay attention to you. By the way, do not forget that the club can only appear in branded clothes. No normal guy will pay attention to a girl who does not know how to dress stylishly. In the club you need to walk alone, so that girlfriends do not compete. But if you are afraid of one thing, take someone who clearly succumbs to you in beauty. In the club, as much as possible, be on the dance floor or near the bar. If the guy offers you a cocktail - do not refuse. Guys do not like modest people.

Be always original and cheerful. Think up topics for conversation, talk as much as possible, have fun, laugh. If you liked the guy - all the way show that he is very interesting to you. Even if you do not know what he is talking about, you still agree with all his words. If you work in all directions, you will soon find the most beautiful and best guy in the world. And in 13 years you can find your beloved!