What and how does it affect the health of a teenager?

Every adult person will always remember that bright moment of life when he was a teenager. Adolescence is a rather difficult period in people's lives, when cardinal changes occur, both in the spiritual and physical condition of a person. How does a teenager feel at this moment?

As a child, he had his favorite toys, life was cheerful and carefree, it was possible to just run around with friends on the street, play and not think about anything. But years have passed, and suddenly something is changing, a teenager does not feel like everything lost, he has other interests, he gets new friends, falls in love, and the world for him becomes completely different. A teenager is no longer a small, but not yet an adult, an unformed person. In this period, the teenager needs moral support from adults: parents, relatives, teachers, circle leaders and just acquaintances. The teenager should feel that his opinion and his thoughts are treated with respect, only then he will have a high enough self-esteem with which he can achieve his goals.

I would like to consider in more detail what and how it affects the health of a teenager, both psychological and physical. The problem of adolescent mental health is one of the most important and serious problems of society. Violations in the mental health of adolescents can lead to serious consequences: isolation, detachment from society, inadequate behavior, depression, cruelty towards peers and parents, cruelty to animals, suicide and many other problems. Therefore, it is very important for parents to pay more attention to their teenage children, to communicate with them, to take an interest in their hobbies, dreams and desires. A great influence on the mentality of a teenager is undoubtedly influenced by the environment: relationships with friends, classmates, mates, teachers and relatives. In adolescence, children often have a bad mood, they are lightly injured. That is why it is necessary to encourage the teenager, respect his aspirations and become his friend.

Another factor affecting the health of a teenager is the viewing of movies, broadcasts, hobby video games, music. Serious disorders of the nervous system of a teenager can bring scenes of violence, cruelty, scenes of an intimate nature. Also it is necessary to trace, what kind of music a teenager is fond of, whether there are indecent expressions and insulting words. It is important to see which video game the teenager gives preference to, and whether they will lead to his mental disorder.

It is very important to know what and how will affect the health of a teenager during this difficult period for him.

First of all, it affects the health of a teenager's nutrition. During this period, a growing body needs to receive a certain amount of vitamins, as well as fats proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. If there is a lack or an overabundance of any substance in the body of a teenager, various health problems can arise. Most often, adolescents have weight loss, lack of calcium or any vitamin (which leads to dry skin, brittle nails and hair loss), eating disorders, acne and skin rashes and many other diseases. Therefore, it is very important to include in the diet of a teenager all the necessary vitamins and substances for its full development.

Huge habits have a huge impact on the physical health of every teenager, the most common of which are smoking, alcohol dependence, drug addiction and substance abuse. Getting into an unfavorable environment or a company in which each of its participants smokes, drinks or takes drugs, a teenager does not want to be a "black sheep" and tries harmful substances for his body. Then it drags on and turns into a habit, which leads to sad consequences. The adolescent is addicted, which can lead to serious health problems, and even worse, death. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct special conversations with adolescents about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs, give them examples from life, and also monitor their environment, in which company they spend their free time. In most cases, bad habits are acquired by those teenagers who are not doing anything in their free time. It is important to ensure that they have any interests, it will be useful for teenagers to visit the circles. In general, a teenager needs to find some occupation that will interest him, carry away and reveal all his talents.

Another very important point is the sexual education of adolescents. Mutual relations with the opposite sex, as well as intimate relationships, have a huge impact on the health of the adolescent. It is necessary to instill in him a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, talk about the protection of reproductive health, and share with the adolescent information about changes in the body during puberty, as well as about family planning. The adolescent also needs to be aware of serious sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS, syphilis and many others. It is important to warn a teenager of early sexual life, and also talk about contraceptive methods.

And finally I would like to note that teenagers are trying to be independent and do not tolerate when they are too interested in their personal lives. Therefore, try to become a good friend for a "big child", do not pressure him and in no case try to impose your opinion on him. The best way is easy communication. Communicating with a teenager in a calm environment, without raising his voice, he will feel confidence in you and will not be afraid to share with you the most intimate. And you, in turn, will be able to direct a teenager in the right direction, give advice, tell a story from life or just talk heart to heart.