What kinds of sports are recommended for children?

Arguments in favor of early start of sports activities parents are likely to find themselves. Examples of great sport are very inspiring. But the opinion of doctors is often not taken into account, which is fraught with negative consequences for children's health. That's why I suggest first to get acquainted with the advice of pediatricians, which will be given below, and only then decide in which circle you will take your child.

Girls can learn athletics from the age of ten. This kind of sport well develops the muscles of the chest, proper breathing and improves the supply of oxygen. The child becomes more flexible and dexterous, all muscle groups develop harmoniously.

Girls who are engaged in athletics, become owners of a beautiful figure and shapely long legs.

Boys also light athletics is very useful, but you need to completely exclude all exercises performed on exercise machines bodybuilding.


It is recommended to children to swim in five to six years. Swimming harmoniously develops all groups of muscles. The child learns to breathe properly. Swimming gives a good posture. The brow on the back is generally an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis (the crawl in this case is not suitable).

Swimmer boys have broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis. Girls form a strong beautiful breasts.

For children at the age of six, pediatricians recommend swimming, because it does not overload the heart.


Skates are recommended to little girls and girls from the age of six. Skating promotes the development of the vestibular apparatus, strengthens the muscles of the legs, develops the dexterity of the child and makes it more comfortable.


Skiing can be practiced from five to six years. The best age for starting classes is ten-eleven. This sport involves all muscle groups. In addition, children not only have a hard time, but also become more confident in their abilities.


Serious employment by cycling is not recommended until eight years. And although all the leg muscles get a good load in this sport, one must bear in mind that excessive abuse of the arms of the leg muscles makes it too bulky, which causes the muscles of other parts of the body to suffer.

Cycling is not recommended for some deviations in the development of the spine.


Football is recommended to little boys from the age of twelve. Football is very useful, however, like cycling, it develops only the lower limbs of the child. Hips become too massive.

Ball games (basketball, volleyball)

These kinds of sports are better to deal with from ten to fifteen years. Ball games developability, speed of reaction. They activate the activity of the blood vessels, hearts and well affect the growth of the body. The child's figure is improving, it becomes stable.


The little boys can go in for gymnastics not earlier than from the age of eight. Sportnagymnastika implies exercises on the floor and on shells (horse, rings, log, bars, trampoline). Develops the flexibility and agility of the child. Udevochek develops grace. Boys are useful for all types of exercises with the exception of power, which can be started only after the end of sexual maturation.


Aikido is one of the most harmonious types of oriental martial arts. It can be done eight or eight years, but serious training begins only in fifteen or sixteen years. Children engaged in aikido, have increased immunity, so they are much less likely to get colds. The classes are conducted barefoot, which contributes to the natural hardening of children. Masirabilisiobiologically active points located on the soles of the feet. Much attention to training is given to correct falls, so that children avoid injuries in everyday situations when playing and running.


Engaged in karatemozhno since seven years. To start training at an earlier age there is no sense, because the child requires a high level of awareness. Mastery will not be achieved without concentration, patience and self-discipline.

In karatemnyh sharp movements, jumps and turns, which is contraindicated in scoliosis and other diseases of the spine.


Judo is recommended mostly to boys from the age of seven. This sport excellently develops the vsemyshtsy bodies, as well as proper breathing, discipline, the ability to master the Iver to their own strength. Judo is prohibited in diseases of the spine. In addition, during training, it is likely the appearance of numerous bruises due to falls, so judo does not fit children with sensitive skin.

For a child, it is better to choose the kind of sport that is more able to meet all the requirements of the full development of a young organism.

That there were no injuries

Giving the child a big sport, parents should remember that this is a zone of increased risk. Various injuries inevitably persecute even the most experienced athletes. From the very beginning it is necessary to pay great attention to their prevention.

Grow healthy!