Do I need a pet for my child?

This question is still the most controversial. Many people look at it in different ways. Most parents are categorically opposed to buying a pet for a child, which he asks for.

Adults, unlike children, understand all the difficulties of this fluffy acquisition and will think a hundred times over whether they need a pet. Every housewife wants her home to be cozy and beautiful. To do this, she spends a lot of effort cleaning and creating comfort for her family. And of course the purchase of an animal, cat or dog for a child, does not enter into its plans.

First, the pet requires constant care and attention. A child who longs to have a pet in the house will always promise to show that he will show all the care for him personally, this includes cleaning after him, feeding, walking. And then the good-natured parents bring home the long-awaited pet. Also what it is possible to see further? And then the manifestations of all the care and all care for the pet in the child last for about a week. Later they get bored with it. First, the children lose the very first and brightest interest from the first appearance of the animal in the house, a sweet, soft creation becomes ordinary for him. Secondly, they begin to understand that caring for an animal is a very difficult pleasure and quickly tires. Therefore, under any pretexts, they do their best to shift their responsibilities to their parents, while pretending that they have already forgotten their oaths before acquiring a cherished creation.

And of course, parents have nothing left to do but take all the trouble over the animal for themselves. Perhaps this is the most important reason that parents are against buying their baby an animal. After all, the animal itself is a capricious creature, and besides, it can get sick. And then to such troubles as feeding, cleaning, walking, long treatment is added, and these are constant trips to veterinarians, injections, and animals still need to be washed periodically, otherwise they (especially dogs) can smear all the furniture, house. And then all the hard work of the landlady to take care of the house very quickly disappears without a trace.

Another thing is when the family lives in a separate private house. Then another thing, animals can go for a walk themselves when they want, and there's a benefit from them. Dogs perform the function of watchmen, pussies are periodically dragged into the house of mice, relieving the room of small uninvited rodents. But in our time people mostly live in apartments.

Similarly, parents understand that animals can put stress on a child. For example, if an animal dies, no matter how, from old age or from a disease, what to do. The child will be in a panic, and it will be very difficult to calm him down.

In general, parents repeat one thing, starting a pet for a child is a hassle and a hellish labor. And this can be understood by parents. But then who will understand the children themselves.

You can look at another point of view. With the appearance of an animal in the house, everything changes at once. Naughty kid brings a lot of fun and joy into the house. And if the parents show their child how to take care of a fluffy lump and everything will be taught to him, then later the child will become more healthy physically, become more independent. He will learn from childhood what a sense of responsibility is. The animal will give joy to the child. If parents are constantly at work, a child can easily get from the animal that kindness and warmth, which he lacks from parents because of their constant work. After all, the animal is always the best friend for the child, next to them any child, whatever his character was not, will not feel lonely.

Therefore, when deciding whether to have a pet for a child, the animal must be carefully considered. To make a definite decision on this issue, in my opinion, it is impossible and any point of view will be correct.