Enamored aliens: compatibility issues for men and women

Men from Mars, women from Venus ... At one time a book with this name of the psychotherapist John Gray made a real revolution in the minds of millions of people. Her tremendous success simply explained: she touched on the most important issue of love relations - the compatibility of a man and a woman. Are we really that different? How to understand if you are compatible with a partner? And how to achieve harmony in a relationship? Our today's article will be devoted to answers to these and other questions.

Such different: compatibility between a man and a woman

The fact that Gray in his book for clarity took images of Martians and Venus, it is no coincidence. Belonging to different planets could easily explain the nature of those cardinal differences that exist between men and women. But since both our sexes belong to the same biological species, the existing differences lie in gender psychology.

So it turns out that different perceptions and responses to one situation lead to misunderstanding and conflicts between loving people.

What is interoperability?

Many believe that the compatibility of a man and a woman is a complete harmony in relationships, when values ​​and views on life coincide 100%. Actually this is not true. Compatibility is the willingness of each partner to learn the subtle ways of each other, find compromises and solve common problems. Undoubtedly, it is based on love feelings and is supported by the similarity of interests, habits, views. But even if the partner is your complete opposite, you can create a strong marriage with him, with mutual efforts.

How to understand whether you are compatible with a partner?

The question is complex and advice from popular horoscopes on it you will not answer. In fact, there are no clear criteria for compatibility - so everything is individual. But speaking in general, it is possible to call compatible partners who have harmony in sexual relations, have similar spiritual values, understand, respect and listen to each other. In other words, you can belong to different cultural and social strata, but in love and marriage be one. If in some of the categories you do not coincide with a partner, this does not mean that you are incompatible. Simply you need to start working on improving relationships and, most likely, you will find harmony. But if such zeal comes only from one of the parties, then it is worthwhile to seriously think about why you need such a relationship.

Compatibility of a man and a woman in love: How to achieve harmony

Imagine that you are speaking different languages ​​and you will learn the third foreign language, which will become common for both of you. So in the relationship: it is necessary through love, which is the common language, to tell about their needs, fears and experiences, dedicating oneself to their views on life.

In addition, one must be able to correctly use the principle of "opposites attract". For example, everyone knows that genetically all men have a desire for leadership. Therefore, even if you are a successful business lady, next to your man become a slave and give the lead to him. This does not mean that you need to pretend and change your character. Take it as a new experience of self-knowledge. If you become softer and feminine for a while, you will not only emphasize the importance of your beloved, but you will be able to realize the role of the keeper of the hearth in every woman.

And most importantly - talk to your partner. Do not just discuss everyday problems, but dedicate each other to your plans, share experiences. Learn to express your needs openly, without hiding behind the misunderstandings and offenses. It is very important to build trust in relationships and learn to open up. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous or hurt. A loving partner will always find understanding and sympathy. And then you can confidently state that full compatibility of a man and a woman is not a myth, but a beautiful reality.