How to become best friends

Few girls can boast that they are best friends since childhood. This happens for different life circumstances and reasons. It would Seem, still there in the childhood all is simple and easy, you give promises to each other, that girlfriends you will remain for a long time, and even for ever. Through time intervals, problems, everyday turmoil, lies and slander, envy and anger, few of these girlfriends make their way. Some of them just forget about the existence of a friend, it becomes no time to waste your time in communication with the best girlfriend and stuff. What is the secret of how to become best friends? In principle, a huge secret and there is no at all, you just need to follow some unspoken rules, which are said by psychologists.

1 piece of advice. Stop giving advice . This is the case when one of the girlfriends, considering herself always smarter or more correct, constantly gives advice, teaches another one. In particular, it concerns what and how to do in this or that situation, something to decide about something, to buy or not some thing, etc. Naturally, the second of the girlfriends will feel insecure and will simply be restrained , as it will seem to her that without the help of her friend, she can not decide anything by herself. Here there is some dependence on the other person, which can not be tolerated at all in principle. Although there may be another situation where a girlfriend will just be annoyed with any advice from the other of them, because she will be able to solve this or that problem by herself. In the end, in either case, there is an idea of ​​getting rid of such a girlfriend, which contradicts the goal of becoming best friends.

2 advice. Show yourself from all sides . In the case when you have many friends among girls, whether they are friends since the sandy times or recently acquired, you can assemble these companies in one place. Such meetings can help you to prove yourself on the other side of both of them. After all, you will have different attitudes towards each of them. Since with a long-time friend you feel more confident, what not to say about the newly acquired ones, who can even be friends with work. In order to become best friends, sometimes such extraordinary meetings, actions, new impressions and emotions are needed.

3 advice. Try to be sincere. Girlfriend, of course, we need in a difficult moment: cry out, calm down, come to your senses. And this is quite normal. It is necessary to try to always listen, help and help it out, which should come about in return. Do not blame it, even if you really want to do it. After all, we are all people and we are peculiar to do unusual for the society, wrong actions. It is better to give her advice, how you can fix everything and settle it. Being the best girlfriends, it is worth and be able to enjoy the success of your friend, no matter how jealous you are. And in general, in order to become best friends, you should generally exclude this bad quality. Try to teach yourself to rejoice in any joys and successes of your girlfriend.

4 advice. Give your girlfriend attention . Even if you are too busy, you do not have a free minute even for a family. A clever, adequate, cheerful, honest, kind, decent person can always organize his time in such a way as not to deprive the attention of either the girlfriend or the family. After all, in order to pay attention to your best friend, you do not need to give her expensive gifts. You can just make an unexpected surprise, do for a friend what she can not do for a long time, for example, some simple work and stuff. Even a simple funny sms-ka can pleasantly surprise your best friend.

5 advice. Be like in school . In those close-minded or long-standing, school or college times, you saw each other more often, met, talked, joked, cried and laughed. Do not need to cross out those times when you were closer to each other. It is necessary to try to arrange such joint days, even if only once every six months. After all, it is clear that every day you can not see each other simply, each has his own family, life and life. And if you are acquainted not so long ago, then it is necessary to take for a meeting such meetings, gatherings, socializing. This behavior can strengthen the friendship that is still beginning and will allow you to become friends for a long time.

6 advice. Find common interests . The girlfriends with the big experience should not have a problem about the general interests, they already for a long time with them were defined. After all, it is very rare to meet such friends, who do not have any common interest. In order to find new friends among the girls, you need to look around, having figured out at first in your preferences. Surely you like something to get involved, can sports, swimming or something else, it does not matter. In any place you can find an interesting companion, who later can become a best friend. It's no surprise to have a girlfriend at work, you just need to take the initiative and invite her somewhere in an interesting place for both. For young mothers also there should be no difficulties in acquiring new acquaintances, on the street you can always meet a woman with a similar situation. Yes, and you will always have interesting topics for conversation and discussion. Because our life does not stand still, everything is constantly changing around. The people around you change, and among them you can meet your new friend, with whom you can start a long and strong friendship.

7 advice. Appreciate the girlfriend . Even if you already have an old and faithful friend, do not try to find a replacement for her. You are unlikely to find it better. And even if she does not quite suit you for some reason, she always was nearby, helped and supported. Learn to appreciate what you have now. In order to understand how to become girlfriends, you need to learn how to treat her, as to yourself. Assess any situation that has developed from the point of view of your girlfriend, trying to understand and realize how you would behave in this or that situation. Only then can you become clear about her intentions and actions. Try to treat her like a sister, a loved one and a person close to you. Then, perhaps, you will acquire the most real friend.

Any girl can get herself a best friend, you just need to look at yourself from the side and see in others around you a similar, similar to any traits of character girl.