How to express sympathy between a guy and a girl

Robot is one of those feelings that prevent the emergence of relationships. It's just that we sometimes can not understand: what does the object of our sympathies and desires feel to us? It is hard to guess and feel someone else's soul. Sometimes it does not work out even for people who are close and close to each other, what to say then about practically unfamiliar people who deep in their hearts dream that their acquaintance will sprout and turn into good relations. But before you even begin to think about the relationship with someone, you need to find out: was this guy interested in you just as you are interested in him? Our today's article titled "How is the sympathy between a guy and a girl expressed?" Will tell you which signs given by a guy can be regarded as the first manifestation of interest.

There are a lot of signs that characterize the way the sympathy is expressed between a guy and a girl. You just need to be able to find them in time, understand and hold them - and this also increases the chances of continuing acquaintance. After all, men, despite the apparent bravado, are often timid, they are afraid to take the first step, if they do not see any back signals from the girl they liked. But the girl is unlikely to arrange "shooting eyes", if not sure that the guy really shows a keen interest in her.

So, how do we determine - in what way is their sympathy expressed?

Immediately note: the sympathy can be hidden or overtly explicit, and if the second is easier to see, then the first will have, as they say, sweat.

Firstly. The sympathy that arises between a guy and a girl is manifested in the eye. It's not for nothing that they say that the eyes are the soul lakes. So it is, they can read everything that a person feels for you, what emotions they feel when they see you. You just need to be able to read it.

So, hidden sympathy is manifested in a timid look that a man occasionally throws at you. The frequency of views depends on a lot, the main thing is that you do not notice that he is examining you. Although it's hard not to notice how the scanner of his eyes "probes" you. When you try to catch his eye - he will probably take his eyes, perhaps, will cover with a slight blush, but he will not be able to restrain himself and immediately for a moment will raise an unseeing glance at you. The guy will look for you with constant contact - he will try to stay close to you, to be able to either talk with you a couple of words, or simply look out at you stealthily.

Open sympathy, too, is expressed in a glance, but this view is much more insistent and bolder. Moreover, from how it attracts you to the dialogue with your eyes, you will receive a silent response from you. His eyes ask: "How do you like me? Maybe we'll get to know each other better? " A bold look is much more appreciated, he feels your whole figure, stopping for a long time on the legs, chest and hips. In his eyes, you can read the approval that your forms have caused. Of course, not all girls like these open looks - they think it's extremely buggy and it's gone that the guy sees in her only the object of sexual attraction, while it's just a subconscious signal that encourages a man to evaluate a chosen one from all sides. To subtract a man by sight is easy-when he looks at a girl, and he likes it very much, his pupils instantly expand, and then any negative manifestations, irony or aggression are removed, the man looks gently, as though caressing his eyes.

But a look is not the only weapon of men and women that allows one to express one's interest in the opposite field.

Next on the line are gestures. Sign language is very diverse, if you delve into its study, you can evaluate and recognize any person without resorting to conversation, but simply watching his hands, poses. Set of non-verbal signs of attention in men is not as rich as in women, but there are several signs of sympathy, expressed precisely in gestures.

For example, as soon as a pretty girl appears in the boy's field of vision, he immediately begins to unconsciously put himself in order almost unconsciously. He hastily smoothes the disheveled vortex with his hand, pulls his jacket, which already perfectly sits on the figure. A guy can even quickly shake off a speck of dust or dandruff, which is not really there - it's just an instinct that calls to look good in the presence of the object of lust.

Another unconscious movement, which the head gives a man, looks like this. A guy at the sight of a girl who likes him lays the thumbs of both hands behind the belt buckle. What for? To attract the attention of the girl to the main "sense organ" of the male. Although this does not mean that his desire is only to drag you to bed. You can not trample on nature and instincts, as they say.

And the last gesture that speaks of male interest is a special stand, when he restrains his hands on his hips, turns the body towards the girl and directs the toe of shoes in her direction, as if aiming at the object of sympathy.

Now let's talk about a smile. After all, this is also a powerful weapon of both sexes! People mistakenly believe that if they are smiling, it means they are sympathetic to them. Often it does happen, but smiles are different and their purpose also varies. Some are used to tell about sympathy for another person. Others - to arrange a person to themselves with the goal of something from him to get. There are smiles that also indicate a negative attitude towards the person.

So, if your interlocutor smiles with a "Hollywood smile" in all his mouth, but his eyes do not express any pleasant emotions at this - it means that a person gets sucked up to you with some self-serving goals. But the wide smile, warmth in the eyes and sincere laughter indicate the good location of the interlocutor to your person.

There is another smile, which, despite the fact that it seems ironic, still shows a hidden sympathy for the person. This is when they look at you kindly, revealing almost all the teeth in a smile, bending their heads a little sideways and slightly screwing up one eye. It's a nice irony, it means that the guy is really located to you, just now you behave a little funny and curious, but he is ready to forgive you. However, it is not necessary to confuse this slightly ironic smile with a grin, when the person's face is distorted, the eye becomes slightly negative, and the clenched teeth are barely visible.

Gives the man, even his voice, carried away by the man. However, it will not be a woman's habit to speak in low, hoarse halftones. A man is a male, and in a conversation in which a person sympathetic to him participates, he will occasionally publish a real cry of the male. You will immediately notice how his voice changed. With men who are right next to him during the conversation, and even more so who are doing the tokens of attention to his lady, he will talk rudely and harshly as with competitors. But when addressing the girl, the timbre will change, the speech will become singing notes, the voice will become velvety and will pour like a stream.

As you can see, it is very easy to determine that sympathy arose between a guy and a girl - it manifests itself in everything from interested timid looks, to eloquent gestures and words. The main thing is to understand the guy's call and answer him - and then your sympathy can grow into a serious and strong relationship!