How to live with her husband after his betrayal?

Bitterness, anger, pain, resentment ... No words can fully convey all those feelings that people experience when betraying or betraying a beloved and dear person. The world collapses instantly, the landmarks are lost immediately, and after that endless and painful digging begins in oneself, which lead to even greater pain and suffering. There is a vicious circle ...

Do you know this? But, the situation is not such a dead end, if the right side to approach it. So how to live with her husband after his betrayal?

In the beginning (and you need to pay special attention to this!) You have to discard any emotions, even for a short while. At first glance, you might think something like: "What a primitive advice!" or "It's just impossible!" ... And after that you continue to revel in your own suffering. There is another option - you need to find in yourself the internal forces and deal with the situation. If you liked the second option, that's great! You are already standing on the road, which leads to a mental amendment.

Treason of a husband - how to live with it: video

Next, what needs to be done is to answer one question: "Are you 100% sure that your beloved is cheating on you?" You can only give a positive answer if you did not find him directly at the "crime scene." But the whole complexity is that you only suspect the betrayal of your husband, do not you? A huge fear and, at the same time, a great desire - there are reasons why you can go crazy. "So what is the solution?" The ideal option is to ask directly. , it's better than constantly eating yourself from the inside.

So, suppose, your betrothed still changed you. So how to live with her husband after his betrayal?

But! Your betrothed says that his betrayal was a mistake and it will not happen again. He sincerely repents and very much wants to improve the situation. At this stage, after betrayal, it is very important to find out the true cause of betrayal: he is simply bored or, perhaps, with another woman, he gets something that you can not give him? You do not have to agree to unconvincing excuses like "it happened." It is necessary to find out the real prerequisites of betrayal, and together you have to understand, all the importance. Live after the betrayal of her husband, you can, but prepare for the fact that your daily life will change a little.

And now, after finding out the reasons and reasons, you should answer yourself frankly and honestly: "Do you still love him? Can you trust him after the incident as before?". This is important, because trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. Do not hurry, it's better to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Most likely, you look to the future completely different eyes: you already see new prospects, for sure you are making plans. Perhaps, resentment still lives in your heart, but the intensity of emotions leaves much to be desired.

However, if you still decided to restore a relationship after treason, then remember that this is just your choice.

What do you need to do after the betrayal of your husband?

It is clear, to follow such advice is very difficult. However, if, even despite the betrayal of her husband, you still decided to try to restore your relationship, so it's worth it.