Japanese diet

Many sites copy information about the Japanese diet, it will be invented in a clinic, and publish a far from truthful menu from the Japanese diet. People start following such diets without thinking about what kind of health consequences can be. Weight loss such a Japanese diet will not bring, weight will return and double. This is a Japanese diet, we learn from this article.

The Japanese diet is health
You do not have to cook Japanese dishes every day, the diet should consist of vegetables, seafood, fruits. Monitor the size of portions and slowly consume food. Turn on rice and tofu in a Japanese diet.

The effectiveness of the Japanese diet
The Japanese live much more than people of other nationalities, have excellent health. The life expectancy of Japanese women is 86 years, and that of men is 79 years. If we compare with Russia, then men live 59 years, and women - 72 years. When a Japanese is rebuilt on a western food plan, he immediately begins to grow stout. And if we start to stick to the Japanese diet, then we will start right and slowly lose weight, feel the lightness of the body.

Eating, you need to enjoy every piece of food, then you will eat much less food, and the time spent on food will let your brain realize that you are already full. The Japanese, on account of this approach to nutrition, on average consume 25% of calories less than people of other nationalities consume. From the Japanese diet should be removed sweets, cookies, potato chips and chocolate. And to be present in the diet should be broths, soups, vegetables, fruits. Those who follow the Japanese diet consume 800 calories per day less, due to the fact that unnecessary harmful food is possible, and without harm to health.

A portion
In Japan, food is served on small bowls and plates, in the Japanese diet do not use large plates. For dinner, a small portion of food is consumed. As studies show, a person eats the entire portion whole, as if you were not hungry, you need to make smaller portions.

The basis of the diet
Rice, and eat it on this diet you need seven times more than usual. Rice is rich in carbohydrates, it has little fat, the body is saturated, and does not require harmful carbohydrates and biscuits. To quickly lose weight on the Japanese diet, you need to eat rice as it is used by Japanese without cream or vegetable oil.

Vegetables are an important component of the recipes of this Japanese diet, the Japanese love vegetables. Japanese women often cook different vegetables that are stewed on water without oil. It can be: seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, turnips, beets. And also carrots, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini, beans.

Each meal can not do without 5 dishes from vegetables, a salad for breakfast or vegetable soup is considered normal. Most often, vegetables are stewed in spicy seasoned broth, fried in a small amount of oil, thanks to this preparation, a large amount of nutrients and nutrients is stored.

A fish
In the Japanese diet there is fish, especially fatty varieties such as tuna, herring, salmon, sardines, mackerel, they are an excellent source of omega-3, these fatty acids that lift the mood and improve heart function. In Japan, two percent of the world's population lives, and they eat ten percent of the world's catch of fish. Because of this, the Japanese use less beef and lamb, which contain saturated fats, clog pores, and if overly addicted to beef and lamb, it can lead to heart disease and obesity.

The Japanese diet includes foods rich in fiber from natural soy, they replace meat and do not contain fats, of course, if you do not abuse them. For breakfast, lunch and dinner you need to eat a dish of soy.

As a dessert we use assorted sliced ​​and peeled fruits, which need to be beautifully arranged on a plate. And finish the meal with a cup of fragrant green Japanese tea.

A few changes, and the Japanese diet will be healthier. Replace the white rice with brown rice, this is a traditional Japanese dish, a source of useful carbohydrates and fiber. To reduce the consumption of salt, it is plentiful in Japanese dishes, since it is widely used sour vegetables and soy.

Aesthetics of nutrition
A real Japanese diet and dishes made from it are good for health, taste good, satisfy hunger, stimulate appetite. The Japanese diet is suitable for those who want to maintain good health, a slim figure and live to a very old age. Experiment with vegetables, rice and fish, serve them on elegant plates, no need for sticks.

The Japanese diet includes: fruit, except grapes, banana, soy dishes, vegetable Japanese soups, green tea, fish and seafood, Fig. All other products can not be eaten, it's bread, butter, sweets, and so everything else. On such a correct diet, you can sit for a long time.

Know that
1. Breakfast - it's a full meal - soup, fish, rice.

2. Instead of bread, eat rice.

3. To lose weight, exclude from the diet all the dressings, oils, sauces.

4. Eat fully, do not think that you are on a diet, just do not overeat.

5. Eat more seafood and fish.

6. The diet menu consists of 7 bases - Japanese noodles, soy, rice, vegetables, fish, fruits and tea.

In conclusion, it must be said that the Japanese real diet is fashionable and useful. You need to learn the menu of Japanese cuisine. Follow the serving of dishes, you need to become a big fan of the Japanese diet and nutrition system, buy beautiful Japanese dishes. Dishes should be beautifully served and decorated, small portions should lie on small plates.