The series "Once in a Tale"

A mixture of modernity and past, reality and fairy-tale world, good and evil, seasoned with imagination, memories and fascinating plot lines await the audience of the series "Once in a Fairy Tale." A fascinating plot, charming characters from books and cartoons in modern interpretation, as well as unexpected and really interesting events in the series will make you watch "Once in a fairy tale", without looking up from the screen.

The plot is as follows:

In the life of 28-year-old Emma Swan, a small boy named Henry rushes in, who declares that he is her son. The shocked girl discovers the boy's incredible story: after the Curse of the Evil Queen, all the fairy heroes have moved from the Magic Forest, where they used to live in our modern world, in the town of Storybrook. They forgot about their past, they became ordinary people: Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Belle, Victor Frankenstein, Rumpelstiltschen, gnomes, fairies - these and many other fairy-tale heroes got new names and new life. True, there is still some magic left in this city: tourists are not allowed to enter, no one simply knows about the existence of this place and can not find it; and the time here is gone, because of what no one is getting old. All are brewed in their juice, not noticing nothing unusual. All except the boy Henry. With the help of a book of fairy tales, he found out the whole truth: that his mother is the mayor of the city, he is not his own, but his adoptive, besides, she is an evil queen. That's why Henry went in search of his own mother, which, according to the prophecy, the Savior.

So, on Emma, ‚Äč‚Äčinformation collapses that she must save all the magical inhabitants, free them from the curse, return everyone a memory and more. Of course, she does not believe the boy, but for a while, Henry and her son, who Emma gave for adoption 10 years ago, are playing along with him. At the end of the first season, the curse will really collapse thanks to the Savior, but this is only the beginning of a long adventure.

When viewing all the characters evoke some emotions: someone is fond of, attracts and makes empathy, someone is annoying to the impossibility. After a while the picture changes, and yesterday's negative hero is already causing pity and compassion, even if only for a while. From this series is difficult to come off. If you start to look at it, you will not want to stop, and rightly so, because the further into the forest, the more different interesting things.

There are a lot of flashbacks in the series, thanks to which they understand the actions and character of certain characters, for example, why they are stalinymenno such: good or bad, good or evil, vindictive or happy. It's interesting to watch, new characters appear regularly, but they are written in the plot so harmoniously that they do not dislike those who like to observe for a long time only one and the same people.

Of course, there are also handsome men, who will be able to conquer the amorous girls in the actors. Perhaps the very first thing to remember is the charming pirate Captain Hook. He plays the "bad guy": charming and sexy, bold and brazen, charismatic and with a sense of humor, and this type, as kakisvestno, attracts a lot of girls and women. Another, not a non-heroic hero, can be called Pinocchio. However, it is necessary to find "your" favorite by yourself, because everyone has different tastes.

The film can be watched calmly together with the family, with the children, because the horror and horror in the series as such are not there. To all lovers of fairy tales, to all who were vaunted by books in their childhood, "Once in a fairy tale" it is definitely like this: it is a new look at old things, it is interesting and fascinating.