Types of people in relation to food

No other successes we are not proud of as a victory over excess weight. Yes, it was difficult, sometimes even very. But we could, we did it! Contrary to everything - and myself including. This is, in fact, frightening. It is one thing to struggle with extra pounds, and another - with your own organism, choosing the path of greatest resistance: if the diet is the most severe, if the exercises - then increased complexity, up to the seventh sweat. Practice shows that those who are ready to suffer for a beautiful figure, after all, are tired of denying themselves everything and breaking off halfway to the goal. And reach it only those young ladies who find ways to lose weight with pleasure.

Piggy bank of false truths

We are convinced from childhood that the struggle is the only way to win the race: "through the thorns to the stars", "if you suffer for a long time, something will turn out." To lose weight, you need to save what you like, put it aside for dessert, and better give it to the enemy by starting to eat the fact that I do not like. Then certainly do not overdo it and probably lose weight! This is such a household masochism. However, in fact, to start a dinner with a sweet - no good idea!

"If you swallow a chocolate bar or a marmalade before meals, the savor will raise the level of sugar and the feeling of hunger will be dulled. So, you will end up with a smaller portion of food, - explains Irina Kuznetsova, doctor of medicine, a nutritionist. - Experts have known for a long time that food ascetism does not lead to good. Fasting is not an option: the body simply begins to economize on calories. Sooner or later, any hard diet ends, appetite your own and the weight begins to grow, as in leaps and bounds. So do not sacrifice: work out together with a nutritionist the most comfortable food system for you, which will not be difficult to adhere to, but to begin with, determine to what kind of diet you are attracted. "

Private bussiness

Think about what food is for you - a deserved pleasure, a cure for stress or an exceptional way to satisfy hunger? Answering this question, you can choose the style of food that is right for you. Some all the time, they chew something - it's easier for them to lose weight, gnawing carrots and apples; others were born as water-spirits - and let them ate themselves on unloading days freshly squeezed out, mineral water, kefir, green tea or sit on soups. How many people, so many ways to feel good and a slim figure.


If you are trying to eat rationally, you will never be able to eat a bad mood with a piece of cake. However, this does not help: you little by little, but steadily add weight, especially in the cold season.

Be picky in the selection of foods: avoid fat. Cook not in a frying pan, ana pair, bake in the oven - then the dish does not have to add oil.


You do not eat, but peck as a bird, and weight is still there! Quickly, like to sleep, it's easy to freeze, do not be friends with fitness. Eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits. They replenish the stores of vitamins and minerals, helping to get rid of the constant feeling of fatigue.

Woman weathervane

You rush from the extreme to the extreme: then you starve, then you surrender to gluttony. On ordinary days, you try to follow the food, but it's worth it to be at a party, in a restaurant or at a buffet in a tourist trip, as a sense of measure refuses, and you start overeating.

Refuse bread and products containing starch. But the protein food, on the contrary, is welcome. Choose for lunch a protein-rich snack, take the second meat or fish, cooked on a grill for the second, and finish the meal with a slice of cheese.


Such people are very well cooked and love good and tasty food - for them it is a holiday and one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Drink tomato juice, then for the main dish in the stomach will be less space. Put half the usual portion on the plate. Replace the dessert with fresh fruit or freshly squeezed. Do not deny yourself a cup of coffee or green tea in between meals: the caffeine is eating appetite. Satisfy the night with fruits or vegetables.

Stomach Slave

You can easily get out of peace. At the slightest trouble you are able to eat everything that is in the refrigerator. Fill the refrigerator with useful products: low-calorie cottage cheese, yogurt, natural yogurt, vegetables and fruits - carrots, radishes, apples and pears, which can be gnawed, quenching hunger and eating stress. By the way, the nerves are perfectly soothing chewing gum: dimensional movements of the jaws help to cope with emotions, and thus no extra calories! On our table should appear daily products from whole grains: we have a lot of magnesium, which contributes to relaxation and good sleep.