A difficult teenager, or How to cope with the transition age?

Many of us have faced the fact that the world around us is beginning to change dramatically, and we are with it. Transitional age is a fine line between childhood and adulthood, when parents and others still perceive you as a child, and you are already old enough to make your own decisions and make choices. Hence all the problems of difficult teenagers and their mutual understanding with others.

Difficult teenager: what to do to parents

Many parents can not accept the fact that their baby, who yesterday needed their help and constant care, became an adult and demands a corresponding attitude to himself. If you think that problems with difficult adolescents appear only in dysfunctional families, then this is not so. Even in a very good and friendly environment, children feel misunderstood and unheard when they are not properly perceived.

Give the child the opportunity to make their own decisions. Do this gradually, accustoming yourself to responsibility and independence. Do not categorically treat all the changes in the life of your child. You may not like the music your child listens to, or the style of dress, but you must respect his choice, and then the rebellious behavior will become unnecessary a priori. How can you rebel if you are supported and understood?

Difficult teenager and features of working with him: film

In the transition years, children are very sensitive, although they try to hide it under the guise of indifference and fake adulthood. During this period everything changes absolutely, to which they have already become accustomed: appearance, habits, circle of interests, only the attitude of parents does not change. Most of the difficulties of adolescents are connected with this. Try to maximally show the teenager that you understand and accept him the way he is. Help him find himself and cope with the raging hormones and mood swings. Do not forget to attend school and be interested in his academic progress.

Do everything possible to ensure that at home your child feels protected. Do not miss the slightest opportunity to talk with him, show interest in new hobbies and hobbies. Many useful tips and practical recommendations on how to behave with a difficult teenager, you can find by watching this movie:

Useful tips for parents

The period of emotional storms creates in the adolescent a feeling of general misunderstanding and rejection. Therefore, faced with the problem of a difficult teenager, try first of all to find a common language with the child. Spend more time together, walk in the fresh air. Offer to go together in the cinema, for a walk, visit the entertainment center or ice rink. The main thing is more communication and joint positive emotions. Try to find what your child really likes, and direct all his energy to the right track. It can be drawing, music, playing a musical instrument, sports.

Being engaged in favorite business, the teenager can relax and receive emotional discharge. Show maximum patience and endurance, then this period will pass with the least shocks for everyone.

Difficulties of teenagers frighten many parents, and they, trying to help, do only worse. Try to listen to your child and give him the opportunity to grow up, make the first mistakes and learn from them.