Diet to improve blood circulation

This article will tell you about nutrients and products that strengthen the circulatory system. Unfortunately, proper nutrition can not completely relieve you of tired legs syndrome and varicose veins, but if you maintain a normal weight, follow a balanced diet and include the same nutrients and foods in your diet, you will soon notice how unpleasant symptoms decrease .

Foods that help in the fight against free radicals

Not so long ago, substances responsible for aging were discovered. It's about free radicals, that is, about free electrons, which have a single goal - to find the missing electron.

When free radicals find a suitable electron, a reaction in our body starts, leading to the destruction of the cell in which this "encounter" occurred. So aging is nothing more than the death of cells, so if we let free radicals "fulfill their whim", then, respectively, accelerate the aging of the body.

Factors such as stress, environmental pollution or extreme fatigue, exacerbate the effects of free radicals. Moreover, venous insufficiency is dangerous because free radicals very quickly appear in the problematic areas of the body, and in our case they, using the weakness of the venous system, attack the walls of the vessels.

In order to prevent the harmful effects of free radicals, you must include in your diet foods that contain a large number of antioxidants. The last is a huge variety: they are phytoncides - substances that give garlic a specific flavor and taste; catechins found in green tea; zinc, copper, sulfur and other minerals present in large quantities in many food products; leucoplasts, due to which tomatoes have a red color, etc. It is very important that your menu is also abundant with the foods listed below. They also contain antioxidants, without which our body will be unarmed in the fight against aging cells and the weakness of the walls of blood vessels.

Fruits and vegetables that promote the strengthening of vascular collagen

Fruits and vegetables should be a significant part of any diet, especially if you suffer from venous insufficiency, since they are rich in flavonoids. Without a doubt, flavonoids are very important nutrients necessary to strengthen blood vessels.

These are phenolic compounds, components of the non-energetic part of the human diet. Their significance for the venous system lies in the fact that they help vitamin C to gain a foothold in the blood vessels.

Vitamin C is necessary for the regeneration of collagen of the third type - a substance constituting 50% of the tissue of the veins.

Flavonoids have another positive property: due to their antioxidant effect they contribute to a good state of red blood cells. For example, if the intake of flavonoids was insufficient, the red blood cells would become solid, which would impede blood circulation.

At present, about 5000 different types of flavonoids are found in many foods, despite the fact that they are mainly found in fruits and vegetables.

Flavonoids are rich in:

Fatty unsaturated acids

In order to maintain the veins in a healthy state, that is, elastic and without cholesterol deposits, it is necessary to consume foods rich in fatty unsaturated acids. The latter contain very important molecules of omega-3 and omega-9, about which, most likely, you have already heard.

When using polyunsaturated acids, unlike saturated fatty acids, cholesterol is not deposited on the walls of the veins. These acids are also called "basic fatty acids", because the body does not produce them. Therefore, we must consume the food they contain.

Numerous scientific studies have proven the beneficial effects of fatty acids. For example, it has been found that in those areas where more foods rich in fatty acids occur, the risk of cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis is much lower.

Here are some foods that contain unsaturated fatty acids:

Foods that have a diuretic effect
Fluid retention aggravates the symptoms of complications caused by venous insufficiency, because it contributes to an even more swelling of the legs.

Therefore, it is necessary to include in your menu foods that have a diuretic effect, that is, those that help to remove excess water that has been trapped by tissues. It:

Oligotherapy: Minerals as an important supplement to nutrition

Perhaps you already understood that we are talking about certain minerals and metals that help to cope with health problems.

Indeed, oligotherapy is the name of the method of treatment with microelements, that is, minerals and metals, which are contained in our body in very small quantities and participate in numerous and important biological processes.

For example, these substances are very important for tissue repair and strengthening of the immune system.

If you suffer from venous insufficiency and experience stressful effects, you should supplement your diet with taking medications containing trace elements. Usually they are issued in the form of ampoules and are sold in pharmacies or other specialized stores. The contents of these ampoules must be taken 15 minutes before meals or 2 hours after eating.

It is recommended to hold the drug for several minutes in the mouth so that the sublingual nerve endings absorbs a part of the liquid before the dose reaches the body completely.

Be healthy!