How to survive the gap between a woman and a man

People are divided into two types. Some easily start new relationships and break them, others for years decide on rapprochement, and then, if not worked out, for years can expect a break. It just seems that the first people do not really know how the relationship between a woman and a man is going through.

In fact, it is important to know everything. And the reason is one, but valid: if you do not understand what exactly led to the collapse of the pair, it is difficult in the future to build new relationships successfully.

People who neglect self-analysis or talking with a former partner often step on the rake again and again. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult for them to experience a break in relations. So instead of a new turbulent romance they begin to choose conscious loneliness or hit headlong into a career. This is not the path to happiness and harmony, because without the second half it is difficult to survive in our cruel world. It is always pleasant when a bridge between the man and the woman is established by a sensitive connection that gives strength and energy to each of them. In order to make the new relationship possible, it's worth right to part with your former ones. In this article, we will consider only some brief recommendations on this topic.

First, you need to correctly dot the i. If you decide to part, you need to leave on time. Do not call a former or former and breathe in the tube, do not look for meetings and build bridges. If the relationship has broken up, you need the courage to admit it in time. In some cases, the geographical distance helps to survive the rupture of relations. In situations where you feel that you are unable to control yourself, you are drawn to the old paths, to the former love routes, you are trying to find meetings with the former at common parties and with mutual friends, aim your distance in the literal sense of the word. Instead of a psychological distance, build a material one. Change the phone number, if possible, live elsewhere, find a job that will cancel the need to see the former if there were common projects. It will be hard only for a few days or weeks. Then it will gradually start to "let go", and you yourself will not notice how instead of maniacal reflections on the fate of a departed partner, think about other, completely extraneous things.

Secondly, after parting, remember all your hobbies. We often attack the song on the throat for the sake of the requirements of the second half. Divorce or parting is a way to revive old times, and return not to yourself "for Vasya", but to yourself for yourself. In addition, the fascination with pleasant affairs, which you have long been deprived, makes you forget about thinking about how to survive the gap between a woman and a man.

Thirdly, what is important to know after parting, is that reducing self-esteem is a very adequate reaction to the loss of a loved one. However, do not "hang out" on the topic of self-flagellation. This is typical for men and women, but women "peck" themselves after the end of unsuccessful novels much more often. It may take time to recover from a long relationship, some take years to do this. So that time is not wasted, you need to learn to believe the opposite sex again. One of the easiest ways is to change the circle of friends. There are friends who are for life or for years. And there is a circle of parties - friends, with whom we go to a restaurant or a movie, we go on vacation. With friends it is more difficult, but buddies should be analyzed for their own complexes. If among them there are those who assert themselves at your expense, watering you with dirt, making fun of them at parties or simply humiliating them in a direct conversation, it is worthwhile to filter them. If this is a true friend, time will put everything in its place. And if just a friend for hangouts, it's not always worth regretting the loss of relationships in which you have the role of a "scapegoat."

Many people after parting to think about whether to continue to be friends with their ex. There is no unequivocal answer to this question. On the one hand, it depends on the general relationship, the presence of children and the general business, on the culture of the country or region where the person lives. On the other hand, there are common risks for all couples - often former lovers, while remaining friends, can not emotionally distance themselves from each other. They continue to influence each other's lives, interfere in significant events, can be jealous or bring trouble to the new lover. Perhaps, in this matter it is necessary to rely on one's own flair, analyze the situation, and after weighing everything, make a decision. But even if you already decided to remain friends, a certain timeout in communication at the very beginning after the break will help you cope with the emotional storm and quickly come to your senses.