The wife does not get much pleasure from sex

Men are fastidious creatures. And even if their woman cooks like a real chef, brings up children and satisfies a man in bed, does not mean his complete satisfaction with family life. If a wife does not get much pleasure from sex, for a man this is not just a problem, but a real tragedy ... How can one avoid it?

How often, complaining to friends about family life, men mention that the wife did not know the joy of sex! How much unhealthy pathos in this message! Like, I'm a lover-hero, and she ... How dare she!

It is very sad that in this life nothing is simply given so - for all it is necessary if not to pay, then at least to fight. And if the beloved wife does not get much pleasure from sex, it is worth considering how and why it happens.

Main reasons

They say that men are ready to do everything for the happiness of their loved ones. This is true. They are ready to drive happiness into them by force - but this is the main tragedy for men. It is useless to apply the male approach where women's dexterity, suppleness, softness is needed. And often this is what makes it possible to improve sex, not diligence.

One of the main mistakes of men trying to give the joy of sex to his wife. They are trying to find a "special erogenous zone" or apply third-degree caresses where they need sensitivity and intuition.

No sex can not be full, if it can be described by the formula. Twenty minutes - preliminary caresses, ten kisses, two - sex itself ... Or - twisted, turned ...

Recipe: accuracy and consistency in research. In many women, the pleasure of sex does not depend on orgasm, and vice versa - rapid discharge does not mean the pleasure of sex.

Men fantasize about sex a lot. How will they do it, in what conditions, how will the beloved woman be dressed ... But, unfortunately, dreams of a sado-maso swing with three Asiatic women and a wife are unlikely to be embodied. And even if such an event happens - I give a guarantee, the man will finish earlier than the sex will begin!

Recipe: men should not scare their loved ones. If the husband purrs about how he would like right here behind those bushes, or in some special position, turning on the light or simultaneously watching an erotic film - this does not mean the note to fantasies "is mandatory for execution, and right now!"

Like a good fight, passion takes time, place and reason. And if the husband inclines his wife to have sex a couple of minutes before that, and before that the whole evening torments her with claims - the wife does not get much pleasure from sex in any case. Even if he is a virtuoso, an acrobat and a genius lover in general.

Several more "helpers" of sex - children in the next room (even sleeping), living with their parents, rushing (for example, the need to escape somewhere in half an hour).

Recipe: each couple should think in advance how to organize time, place and, accordingly, an occasion for sex. Spontaneous entertainment, of course, is pleasant, but only if everything is available to them, and not vice versa.


To go against the laws of nature is difficult. And if the woman's vagina is located closer to the anus, it will be difficult for her to have fun in the usual ("missionary") position. In the same way, no matter how much they say "size does not matter," if a man who possesses immodest dignity, it makes sense to use special devices so that he does not hurt his wife in the heat of passion.

To each pair - its decision

Married couples who have lived together for many years are able to solve the problem of the wife's cool attitude towards sex. In some cases, a man can decide: "The wife is for the house, and for the carnal pleasures there are mistresses." It is difficult to say whether this decision is reasonable or justified. But it is.

Also, sex for the wife can become part of the "conjugal duty", a certain duty (in some cases - a duty). This is also not as bad as it might seem at first. Sex as a way to tell a man that he is loved, respected (even if not desired until trembling in his knees) has the right to exist.

But there is a third, longest way. Grow up in a wife's desire for her husband, "educate" her sensuality and sexuality, teach you how to enjoy sex. And in this man will help patience, attention to his half and careful, reverent attitude to her sexuality. And this, believe me, is beyond the power of all 100% of husbands. But this "exclusive" way is able to support marriage at a high level, to keep the pair from breaking if there are any life difficulties.

How to awaken a desire in his wife?

A magic wand that fulfills desire at one stroke, does not exist, as does Santa Claus. So, it is necessary to try, that the wife really wanted sex.

Counteracting factors in this process are mass. From not too soundproof walls to a smell from a mouth at the liked (in the rest) the person. It is possible to say with a high degree of probability that in youth these factors are of less importance than with age. The older we become, the more critical we look at the world around us, and at each other.

The first thing to take care of a couple is to find out the undesirable factors and eliminate them before each sex. Shower, closed door, privacy, light music (or lack of it, if annoying), male striptease or frank conversation ...

The next stage is the awakening of sensations . Skin is the biggest organ of a person. But at the same time physical factors (clothes that we wear even at home) and psychological (upbringing) can interfere with the acuity of perception. Relax and feel, have fun, and not pain from touching - that's what is important for a wife to experience the joy of sex.

Experiments with sensuality - the final stage of the return of sexual desire from his wife. It is worth trying a lot, experimenting, discarding false shame and belief. It is necessary for the couple to find something that gives pleasure to both, and not just to the man. And if the husband cares whether his legitimate partner gets pleasure, he will find the strength to devote time and experiment.