That you can never tell a man

Lovely ladies do you know that there are words that you can never tell your man. With these words you can ruin all your relationships and create a lot of problems. We will tell you that you can not talk and thus you can avoid finding out the relationship.

1. A gift. All girls like gifts, but when they get them, they start saying such words like, why should I? You must understand that by asking such a question, you can offend your man. And you will beat off from him any desire to give you gifts. Even if you do not need this thing or do not like what he gave, make at least the appearance that you are very pleased and you are grateful for his attention.

And if you want your man to give you what you need, learn how to stealthily direct him to the right choice of gifts. After all, any woman, if she wants, can manipulate any man.

2. Praising a friend. You can never tell a friend about such words as, for example, how good or good he is. Do not say such words to your man. Understand that his friend, still remains a man, despite how good he is. You just can cause jealousy in your partner. It may happen that he starts to suspect you of treason with his best friend and then it will be difficult for you to convince him of something in some way.

3. Mother. Never say a word that reflects your bad attitude towards his mother. This can not play in your favor. After all, how will you treat his mother, and he will treat your mother-in-law as well. For a man, the mother is the most important woman in life. And do not pay attention if your man swears with his mother, because in five minutes they will be all right. Do not use this moment and do not assume that you can do the same.

4. You also can not tell and tell your man that you are very fond of at work, that all colleagues are crazy about you. Many women believe that, by saying such words to them, they will begin to appreciate and cherish them more. If your man is very jealous you can lead to such consequences as job change, constant calls and control over you. A man may think that you are able to find yourself another man, and he will begin to torment himself with all sorts of stupid thoughts. In this way, you can lead to a break in your relationship.

Now you know that you can never tell a man. Knowing this simple truth, it is possible that your beloved person will give you an engagement ring.